Meet the Capdax Team

Jan 27, 2018 · 5 min read

A strong and committed team can take any vision and turn it into a successful reality. Here at Capdax, we’re all about assembling enthusiastic individuals that are committed to a group effort.

Introducing the Capdax Team:

Aaron Bichler — Founder and CEO

Aaron Bichler’s extensive understanding of game theory and expected-value analysis led him to establish and manage Maple Fund, one of the most highly regarded and successful crypto asset investment funds which has consistently exceeded every quantifiable industry benchmark since 2014.

He also founded and ran two renowned companies that focus on internet and performance marketing software, serving major international clientele. Furthermore, he is also the co-founder of Beyond Blocks, a global conference for blockchain enthusiasts.

With his deep knowledge and extensive network, Aaron is now a recognized cryptocurrency and blockchain expert who works with the most regarded and recognizable names in the space. He enables teams to make new ideas and visions come to life.

Saber Aria — Co-Founder & CMO

Saber Aria is a strategist with over 10 years of experience in marketing strategies and building businesses. He is an early blockchain enthusiast, with a passion for blockchain technology and decentralization since investing in Bitcoin in 2012.

He is the founder of a prominent digital marketing agency and an advertising software company, each with a diverse portfolio of clients including several fortune 500 companies. He is the co-founder of Beyond Blocks, a global conference for blockchain enthusiasts, investors and developers.

Saber has a passion for seeking out and assisting emerging start-ups both as an advisor and investor through his accelerator program. He focuses his council not only on brilliant business ideas, but just as importantly, the teams behind each project.

John Fenton — Chief Operating Officer

John has been involved in successful multi-million GBP projects for some of the biggest banks around the globe; CITI, UniCredit BBVa and SEB to name a few. John brings in 10+ years experience from finance and investment industry and is also co-founder of Carbon Wallet, a multi-signature online cryptocurrency wallet.

John will be overseeing the day-to-day operations of Capdax, redefining the business structure and shaping the team. He will be the driving force in moving the project forward and ultimately pushing Capdax to be one of the top ranked Crypto Exchanges in the world. (LinkedIn)

Simona Xu — Head of Marketing

Simona joins Capdax with 9+ years of experience in branding and marketing for global top players. In her last 5 years she has led brand digital strategies at Nike where she was integral to the e-commerce rollout to new countries across EMEA & Greater China and has led 100+ product and marketing campaign across the geographies, its territories and sports categories.

Prior to Nike, Simona was part the Dutch marketing leadership team at Zalando, a Rocket Internet SE subsidiary, where she led campaign management and business development and played a pivotal role in the expansion to the Netherlands.

Simona will be in charge of marketing at Capdax where she will set and steer the marketing strategy to reach wider audiences with impact and establish Capdax as a global player. (LinkedIn)

Emil Granberg — Social Community Manager

With 6+ years of cryptocurrency trading experience under his belt, Emil is the perfect brand advocate for Capdax. He has in-depth knowledge of what exactly the user is looking for in an ever-growing social community such as Capdax, and leverages his expertise by introducing innovative ways to scale the community base and connect with new people.

Lenka — Operations Manager

Lenka brings 5+ years of operations management experience to Capdax from brands as the Hilton Hotels and Hard Rock Cafe. Lenka has furthermore gained substantial experience on the tech start up side as being the operations manager and administrator for several tech starts up in Berlin. With her exposure to both the international corporate and the start up tech environment, Lenka is the perfect member to help the team to get from 0 to 1 while ensuring frictionless collaboration with internal and external partners. (LinkedIn)

Lydia Em — Public Relations Manager

Lydia specializes in consumer PR, crisis communications and issues management. She has worked as a PR specialist in a wide array of industries, equipping herself with a versatile skillset that is in line with the Capdax philosophy. She has directed award-winning campaigns related to product launches, event marketing, community-building initiatives, among others.

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Marketing Specialist at Capdax: A seasoned online global marketing professional, Rayed brings a wealth of experience to the marketing initiatives for Capdax.

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