The Claremont Cafe

I was around the area to pickup a package at the local post office. Something I ordered that somehow ended up in the post office in La Verne. You know, typical post office mix up. I was griping all the way here, having to drive, this error brought on by incompetence, uprooting me out of my desk chair and my over-creamed cup of thick coffee. I stopped my whining when I saw the restaurant. “Ah, something good to eat at least,” I said as I dreamed of the salad bowls I’ve seen on the online menu. Piles of greens with gourmet dressings. Hard boiled eggs on vegetable soups, and garlic pita bread. The drinks too were interesting. They have purple pruned ice blended drinks topped with whipped creams. I saw powdered chili on top. I think it’s chili, but I’m not sure. Maybe cinnamon.

I’ve been here, finally. I’ve had it on my Yelp bookmark list for a while. I haven’t been because it is far and I hate driving. Well, about 4–5 miles. That’s far for me. I like staying local, very local.

There were bicycles hanging on the wall. Old vintages bicycles. It was against a brick wall, each brick aged with tannin colors. You can tell that the building was old. There were no ceiling boards, just exposed ceiling support where structural beams leaned against each other like tripods, each supported by oak colored wood braces. I sat on the corner for a while before I realized it was free seating, and that I must order on the counter. There was no line at the counter, no waiting because it was early. Or because it wasn’t really that popular. Did Yelp deceive me again? I guess I’ll find out, I thought. It looks good to me, and with a menu full of vegetable dishes there is little room for doubt on how good this place is. I’m biased on restaurants that serve gourmet vegetarian dishes. It’s probably because they are usually these hipster and trendy restaurants you’d typically find in Downtown Seattle or Silverlake in Los Angeles, or maybe because there’s not a lot of them. Most fast foods or restaurants in my area are the commercial restaurants I would never go to. And the restaurants that serve vegetarian dishes would serve one dish. Caesar Salad. That’s it. Pathetic Caesar Salad with plain lettuce and a dressing from Costco.

I ordered the Mayan Salad — and I ate it. It had quinoa. It was delicious. The dressing was I expected, smooth and creamy with a nice tang to it. It was a chipotle something dressing, I forgot. It was seasoned well. The salad had nuts in it and dried fruits. My favorites on salads. I left a tip after my meal. Headed out back into my desk chair, my home office. My coffee was cold and it was too late to heat it up. I’d have trouble sleeping if I drink coffee this late. Not that I don’t have trouble sleeping even if I drink my coffee earlier, but drinking later will make it harder, harder than it already is.

But I digress. I love it here and I will eat here again. That is if I’m around the area.

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