Mulvaney and his ilk think society should have no responsibility to care for the infirm.
Rich Givens

>>Ironically, the same set of societal norms which make his comments so abhorrent are keeping him from being dumped in a ditch with a large hole in the back of his head.

Respectfully, I really want to encourage you to NOT say things that sound like threats. I’m sure that wasn’t your intention, but my belief is that you just shouldn’t say stuff like that, even if you obviously aren’t serious. I don’t think people should have to separate serious threats from merely rhetorical threats. I don’t think threats on the internet in any form are legitimate discourse. I think it should all be considered bad manners, something that people of good will avoid, like the N word.

I know that this asshole, Mulvaney, represents a very real threat to the lives and well-being of countless good people, and I share and support your rage.

Furthermore, you’re not expected to share my beliefs, and you obviously have the right to say whatever the hell you want. I’m just respectfully asking you to consider my views, which is all anyone can do. Thanks.

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