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Okay, so how about regulating the food industry to stop putting high fructose corn syrup and sugar in everything? Maybe not supplementing and supporting the corn sugar industry? How about supplementing the producers of healthy food so it can be offered more cheaply? We’re obese because evolution hard-wired us to crave sugar and carbs, and because the food industry evolved, under capitalism, to feed those impulses as cheaply and abundantly as possible, and the government evolved to cowtow to the agrobusiness lobbyists and contributors.

Also, not everybody gets fat from sitting around the house. Some people are sitting in a cubicle 14–16 hours a day, trying to make ends meet by working extra hours or a second or third job. I worked two jobs for a few months, and sometimes it just wasn’t possible to get a good night’s sleep. Sleep deprivation has been found to impair metabolism, and so it must contribute to obesity.

The Republicans are supposed to support traditional values. When did “FUCK YOU” become a traditional value?

My friend wants me to add “Calvinist Assholes”

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