Yes, I am. Just another 50 year old, black female Bernie Bro.

Well to do? I’m disabled, living on SSD and food stamps, in a shitty attic apartment subsidized by HUD. Oblivious? Every part of my livelihood is being threatened, and I’m terrified nearly every minute of the day. White? Lucky guess.

What did I say about you? Oh yes. I said you lash out at criticism. Wow. Guess I was wrong, eh? :)

I’ve been a Democrat since I was 18. Jimmy Carter was running. Bernie Sanders was a 74 year old man who joined the party at the age 73. Even so, if Bernie had been the nominee, I would have been all in for Bernie.

If Bernie had any skill as a politician, he could have brought his followers into the party. We would have had a real American left, and a Democratic President who owed them something. Instead, we’re all taking it up the ass.

What the Republicans are learning now, if they’re capable of learning anything, is that government can’t be run like a business, being President is all about politics, and politics is a skill set. I supported the successful politician.

Successful Democratic politicians will move as far to the left as they can, in a country where Republicans ALWAYS show up to vote and Democrats only seem to vote when they feel inspired. 2016 was another one of those occasions when they didn’t feel inspired. So here we are. At least the late-night talk shows are funny.