11. The Contender- He’s out there but he’s a little too shy to approach women on his own. He wants to be in a relationship even if he seems a little hesitant at times. He will call you after you’ve messaged each other a few times and the vibe seems right. If he’s a good conversationalist and takes the initiative to set up a date, try to resist the urge to pick out your china. I know he’s a rare and precious find out in wild, but you don’t want to scare him away.
The 11 Types of Men You Meet On Dating Websites
Leona’s Love Quest

I know that these guys do exist in the online dating realm as I’ve met them and talked to them or I’ve seen my close girlfriends go out with them, but it’s so quick that they either spook or turn into one of the 10 aforementioned male stereotypes of online dating. They’re a diamond in the rough, but more often than not instead of a diamond they’re just a shiny rock or a shard of glass. I don’t mean to be bitter about it, but online dating still doesn’t feel like the ideal place to start a lasting relationship.

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