The Science Behind brēth

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brēth is packed with science. Lots and lots of science. But we can’t take credit for most of it. The credit goes mostly to where it should — the plants.

In case you skipped your high school biology class, plants make their food whenever they need it. All they need is light, the air you exhale, and water to create oxygen and sugar. brēth takes that process and improves upon it.

brēth actively uses fan filtration to capture indoor air and uses the bacteria from that air to fertilize the plant in the product. It then uses the bacteria as a food source and acts as a microbiome which gives office air some diversity while removing some of the toxins circulating through air vents.

As Forest Gump might say; humans and plants go together like peas and carrots. There is a reason and word for that — Biophilia. Biophilia is the process where life attracts other life. Humans and plants complement each other chemically, which explains why we are drawn to being outdoors.

brēth brings that outdoor energy and greenery into the workplace.

Feeling unconvinced about how much plants can enhance air filtration? NASA conducted a Clean Air Study that found that plants can remove toxins, such as formaldehyde and ammonia from the air. With brēth’s technology and enhanced air filtration, you can say farewell to toxins that cause headaches and irritation.

All of this science is great, but it doesn’t help you if you can’t keep the plants alive, and this is another area where brēth excels.

Since the VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) are used as bacteria that fertilize the plant, there’s very little or no maintenance the average user needs to do except for add water when needed. The app and device will notify you when the water is low, which will help people keep from over-watering their plants — the leading reason people kill their plants. brēth is programmed to maintain a healthy air to water ratio in the roots without any gardening skills needed.

Soon we will be launching more science content as well as the results of our 3rd party tests, which are nothing short of astounding!

Until then, go green, go brēth.

Watch the video: