Hillary Clinton and Electoral Fraud
Spencer Gundert

I have mixed feelings regarding this article. It is very well written and informative with substantial facts provided,but the title and obvious Bernie slant unfortunately will discredit the article and allow people to simply dismiss it as Bernie propaganda and slander towards Hillary Clinton.While the voter suppression is real and must be addressed I do have to question several points for clarification. In the first example you use from Arizona you wrote that some Bernie Sanders voter waited 5.5 hours to cast their vote as if they were singled out exclusively instead of waiting in line with all of the people,including Clinton supporters. Did not the Clinton voters also have to wait as well or was there a special line or code to get them in faster? Have no Clinton supporters come forward at all stating that they were also not able to cast their vote because they were dropped from the rolls or they had to wait so long? I am also a little more than curious as to how the election officials who actually did the purging of the rolls and changed party status among other things would know who was a bernie supporter and who was a clinton supporter just from the voter rolls.Did they just assume that anyone who recently signed up for the democratic party for this primary was a Bernie supporter and registered them ineligible? What was the party affliliation of those officals as well?.You quoted one commenter stating that he had not heard of any clinton supporters being switched but have you actually done any research into that besides your commenter heresay to support that argument? My apologies for being a little long winded and just for the record before I get slammed for being a Hilliary supporter I would like to state that I am a huge Bernie supporter. If I were to use this article and share it those are some of the first questions and problems that arise from this and it would be helpful to be able to answer them unequivocally.

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