Red Pulse —Detailed Review (INVEST!)

Market Cap: $140 Million USD

Token Symbol: RPX

Token Platform: NEO

Exchange: Kucoin

Website: Red Pulse





What is Red Pulse?

Red Pulse is a research content platform for Chinese capital markets. There is an existing platform, but the proceeds of the ICO will be used to overhaul this and build a new platform. The RPX token will be used as the underlying currency for this platform. It will be used to compensate contributors for their efforts.

What is the problem Red Pulse wants to solve?

As the whitepaper puts it: ‘Red Pulse seeks to solve the problem of information overload present in Chinese capital markets.’ It goes on to say that ‘China’s economy is already the 2nd largest in the world in terms of nominal GDP, and 1st in terms of purchasing power parity (PPP).

About Red Pulse


The whitepaper is well-written in a very academic kind of way. Brings back memories of university texts!


The Whitepaper has a section that features the post-ICO plan for Red Pulse. In the plan, Red Pulse will work on hiring new talent and replacing their existing platform in Q4, 2017. Their new platform is scheduled to be ready in Q1 2018, with RPX integration to be completed in Q3–4. The plan looks good to me and looks like it will go global in 2019!


-Red pulse was one of the first ICO’s on the NEO platform.

-Recently released on KuCoin 28th Oct.

- Small market cap relative to the quality of the team & product

-Founder of NEO is an advisor

-Beta release Q1 2018

-Working product

-Partnered with 18 Financial Institutions

-All star team

The Team

Jonathan Ha, CFA (CEO)

Notable Previous experience

LG Electronics — Global marketing department

IBM — Sr. Consultant

DELL — Management consulting

Peter Alexander (Chairman)

Notable Previous experience

Prudential Financial — China Chief Representative

Nationwide — China Chief Representative

Stanley Chao

Notable Previous experience

11 Years experience in investment management & financial services

Pacific West Securities — Due Diligence Analyst

Racing Capital, Quant Trader, Derivatives — Options & Futures

Team Summary

All 3 leaders of Red Pulse have had a good amount of experience at large companies, such as IBM & DELL — they don’t just hire anybody — so these guys have proven track records of being well experienced. The advisor’s for the project also appear strong, with Mark Kuo previously working at Microsoft for 5 years & 4 years at Citigroup. The founder of NEO, Hongfei DA is also on the advisor team. Also the community manager is always active on Telegram and communicates a lot on Twitter and does a great job. Sombat who is the Blockchain & Crypto Advisor is starting to post Weekly reports giving us updates and news which reinforces my observation of the communication.


The Telegram group has nearly 5,000 members and there are over 20,000 followers on Twitter!


I’m not aware of any competitors that want to tokenize research, but all investment banks that have their own research divisions are competitors here.


Red Pulse is partnered with 18 financial institutions including Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, J.P. Morgan, Macquarie Group, Morgan Stanley, Nomura, Societe Generale, Sun Life Financial. In addition, supporting financial institutions and investment firms include: China CITIC Bank International, China Construction Bank, Manulife, Maybank, Point72 Asset Management, Siam Commercial Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group (SMFG). They just announced partnership with Apex which is smart partnership for both of these platforms.

The Partnership will include the points below.

  • Cross-ecosystem collaboration: Individual research contributors on Red Pulse can use earned RPX tokens to redeem gifts, rewards, prizes, and offers via the APEX network.
  • APEX network retailers and other corporates can gain access to Red Pulse user data, but only with full consent of the user and on a case-by-case basis, while compensating the user with CPX tokens.
  • Sharing of Chinapex existing proprietary deep learning framework, predictive analytics, Chinese natural language processing, and social sentiment analysis technology to Red Pulse.
  • Premium access to Red Pulse research platform for Chinapex institutional clients, including banks, wealth managers, and insurance firms.

Redpulse Is Launching A Giveaway

They are launching a big giveaway to raise awareness of Redpulse and for celebrating the holidays. It is such a great marketing idea and myself have seen Facebook ads about Redpulse on my feed which shows they are working hard to market their company.

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They are currently on Kucoin and TDAX. Jonathan released some very good news on a live stream regarding exchanges, we were told we are getting listed by one top 10 exchange this year and two other top 10 exchanges early January. Coinnest is ready to list but they are waiting for hype and I think they will list RPX somehwere in January but Red pulse don’t need them as they are talking to several exchanges with much more volume. Excitingly, NEO Nep5 Tokens are gaining support from dozens of exchanges. More exchanges will lead to increased liquidity, volume and price action for RPX! The next Neon wallet update will support Nep5 tokens like Red Pulse. This update has been stated to be released before Christmas. The exchanges Huobi and Lbank have already announced their support for Nep5 token standard so I am predicting Huobi will be one of the top 10 exchanges that will be listing us. I am predicting price to moon once we hit these big exchanges as we 10xed on a small exchange (Kucoin).


Concept: 4

The concept is good and could be revolutionary. A research platform for Chinese capital markets is a very good idea, especially with it being in English and Chinese as it will potentially attract foreign investors.

Technology: 5

I’m putting a five here because I really like the collaboration between Red Pulse and NEO. Clearly both platforms are working together closely to ensure that the ICO is successful and NEO can be used for future projects.

Status: 4

Red Pulse already has a running business and a very detailed business plan for the future. This puts it miles ahead of most ICOs that do not have a working product.

Team: 5

The team is good and has strong advisors with a hard working community manager who is very active on Telegram and Twitter.

Competition: 4

There isn’t any competition that has a tokenized product.

Overall: 4.4/5


Red Pulse has an idea that has amazing potential. I hope that this will be the first of many ICOs on NEO and applaud the collaboration between Red Pulse and Neo. They are now doing a big giveaway which is bringing awareness of Red pulse which in my opinion was a brilliant marketing idea. They have been partnered with 18 financial Institutions and a smart partnership with Apex, which is an upcoming crypto gem. They have a working IOS app and Android app is coming soon! They are in talk with several big exchanges planning to list very soon. I would suggest to invest before Redpulse goes global!

Neo adress: AQiNBDW88c56wZ64UReEbb5Xa6dYgG5Euz