Real Estate Pundit’s Proptech Picks 23

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Friends, Feudal Landlords and Commoners,

So while The Donald is gearing up to be President of the World, our own Boris has taken the ridiculously well-timed decision to launch a leadership campaign for President of the UK (via the EU Referendum — which he’s likely to win). Why do either of these things matter? Both power-brokers are inexplicably tied to the property industry. While Trump’s experience is more overt, it’s important to note that Boris has poured more money and support into property than any previous mayor (or UK politician since the 1980s). Politics and politicians matter: they move markets and capital with extraordinary effect.

It’s been a hot start to 2016 for Proptech, contrary to my prediction. I hope the momentum keeps up with Bricklane’s impending launch, the crowdfunding of Landbayand Rentify, Movebubble’s second £1m+ raise and Zoopla’s canny deal to get a stake in 4 hot start-ups for a mere £1m. That Alex Chesterman is one incredible negotiator.

For those wannabe Proptechers, it looks like respected angel investor Robin Klein is putting himself out there as a lightening rod for Proptech via a CityAM article.

I’m writing more frequently because there’s just so much going on. If you’re having trouble keeping up, the last two Proptech Picks made excellent reading: 21 and 22

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Rayhan’s PropTech picks XXIII

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Eddie Holmes and Umesh Kumar recognised as part of the Maserati100 List of influential people

This blog was started to highlight the efforts of the people behind Protech, so they could become better known and we could together create a rising tide. It gives me great pleasure to lead with the recognition of two influential Proptechers, Eddie Holmes and Umesh Kumar, who were both involved in the set up of Pi Labs and have both gone on to help many more entrepreneurs. A special mention should also go to TechCity stalwart Rishi Chowdhury who runs IncuBus Ventures (which I am a small crowdfunder in). Here’s a puff piece on Eddie and a link to the list: Link and List

Proptech Consult’s first podcast (Soundcloud)

On the back of a great result with Countrywide’s partnership/investment in Fixflo, Eddie Holmes celebrates with his first Proptech podcast featuring Andy Miles (Realla), Russell Quirk (Emoov) and Luke Appleby (Kontor London). It’s an entertaining and worthwhile listen. First podcast in years I’ve got all the way through without falling asleep: Link

Countrywide leads Connells and Zoopla into partnership/investment with Fixflo (Property Industry Eye)

This was a pretty big deal. A barely two year old start-up landing such prominent deals with industry heavyweights is true testament to the entrepreneurial ability of Rajeev Nayyar and Duncan Careless. There’s a business school case study in this: Link

Zoopla invests in four Proptech companies for £1m (FT)

Great business all round, but especially for Zoopla. It cements its place in the market, gets options (presumably) over buying out the start-ups and extends its incredible goodwill amongst the industry. For Trussle, Fixflo, Landbay and PropertyDetective the added awareness is close to invaluable: Link

StreetEasy’s revenue rockets (The Real Deal)

The Zillow owned company has a virtual monopoloy over New York City Listings. And they’re taking that advantage all the way to the bank: Link

MOTIVE, the Proptech accelerator pauses 2016 plans (Medium)

A hilariously well-written post on the US Accelerator’s plans: Link

Robin Klein opines about Proptech (CityAM)

Great man, great vision. When he writes, the rest of us read and take note: Link