A Chinese girl travels to Japan
Shirley Zhang

I enjoyed reading “a Chinese Girl (writes in English) Travels to Japan.”

I’ve also travelled to Japan several times over the past 30 years and love the culture & people.

Before my first trip to Taiwan I thought it would be like Japan. It’s not, but I also love Taiwan and her people. Have you been to Taiwan?

My grandfather’s generation fought the Japanese and Germans. But now our countries are friends. My father fought in Vietnam, but now we have many Vietnamese friends.

Hopefully the same can happen between Chinese and Japanese. WWII ended 73 years ago. Most of those WWII soldiers and all their leaders are long dead.

The grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the war should not forget what happened, but should not blame the current generations who did not fight.

I think the thinking and cultures of both countries have evolved significantly in the past few decades.

Enjoy your travels, and keep writing!



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