Oh yes, I messed up a lot. But, everything turned out fine.

1. Sometimes, the puzzle piece doesn’t fit in. And it’s totally okay.

In 2019, I learned a lot about being a misfit. About being a person whose behaviors and ideas are different from the rest of the people in the room. About being someone who tried everything to fit in, but things just didn’t work out the way I wanted. Oh yes, it hurts. God, it hurts a lot.

But, being a misfit taught me countless lessons I’ve never learned ever before. It taught me to be a lot stronger. It taught me to be more independent. To accept myself and be okay with my personal values and the way I…

Understanding Millennial 101

What hijrah means for Indonesian millennials and why it matters for them.

As a country with the largest Muslim population in the world, Indonesia is now facing an Islamic movement called hijrah (hegira or hijra).

Despite the origin of the word is based on an Islamic historical event when Prophet Muhammad and his followers were on their migration journey from Mecca to Medina in the year 622, the term hijrah in these days refers to some changes in someone’s lifestyle to leave their less Islamic ways toward a more religious way of life.

Hijrah movement is becoming a trend as some Indonesian actors and celebrities, like Teuku Wisnu, Dimas Seto, Raffi Ahmad…

Understanding Millennials 101

What does it mean to have a tolerant generation and how they influence our society.

Dear my millennials friends, people said that we are the most diverse yet narcissistic, tolerant yet idealistic, and connected yet disconnected generation ever. In some surveys, we were stated as the most tolerant generation, but in other research, millennials weren’t as tolerant as we thought we were. So, which one is true about us?

Wait, should you know about this? Well, yeah for sure. Our tolerance will absolutely influence how our society works. If someone is being bullied because of her religion publicly and you are among the bystanders, will you defend her? …

Understanding Millennials 101

Dispelling the myths about millennials in the workplace and how to deal with them correctly.

When I was working in an advertising agency a few months ago, I still remember my Executive Creative Director, who had a 20-something-years of experience working as a Creative Director, said,

“I hate millennials, they’re so spoiled and ‘working hard’ is never within their working dictionary.”

Maybe, he was forgetting the fact that he said that sentence in front of me, who is (also) a millennial, or maybe he was just being sarcastic as he always did. Was I being offended by what he said? Not really. …

Do you know that Millennials make up the largest portion of the world population? In Indonesia, 63.4 million of its populations are millennials and if it’s compared by country populations data, the amount of Indonesian millennials are enough to rule the whole Italy. With the domination of millennials in the world, can they change the world into a better place?

Fortunately, the domination of millennials might bring a hopeful future for the world, especially in achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as they are highly conscious about the world’s top issues like climate change and income inequality. To recall, back in…

Courtesy of GO-JEK

“The most important thing about being creative is you have to always create something. The verb within the word ‘creative’ is ‘to create’, so never stop to create something and learn from the whole process of it. The more you practice in creating something, the easier for you to generate more and more ideas.” — Bahari Chandra, Creative Director at GO-JEK

The interview, that I had with Bahari, the Creative Director of the Creative Labs at GO-JEK, felt like a mentoring session on “How to be Creative” rather than a casual interview. …

Courtesy of GO-JEK

Everybody has its own way to keep being productive at work. Some people take a short-nap, some people need to take a long walk to the entire office when they’re bored, and some of them are listening to their favorite songs while working.

Well, according to several studies, popular music does interfere reading comprehension and information processing. Those who listened to music will also complete their tasks more quickly and had better ideas than those who didn’t overall.

Okay, maybe you’ve heard that music could increase your productivity at work, but do you know specifically what types of music which…

5 Recommended Books from GO-JEK Leaders

Courtesy of GO-JEK

In GO-JEK office, GO-LIBRARY has officially launched as our new office facilitation, where Go Troops could lend and borrow some books at any time. We believe that books are one of the things which shape our way of thinking as it gives us insights to live an impactful life.

Hence, we need to choose what we read. Are you running out of insightful books recommendation? Worries not! We asked several GO-JEK leaders to share their favorite books which inspired them the most;

1. Crystal Widjaja: Radical Candor by Kim Scott

Courtesy of GO-JEK

Edi Galuh, one of our GO-JEK driver partners in Bandung, knows exactly that part of life is experiencing ups and downs. Thus, for the last 2 years, Edi dedicates himself to give positive vibes as a motivator within his fellow GO-JEK driver partners in Bandung. His main goal is to protect his fellow drivers from doing crime as Edi realized that financial need and lack of faith could turn people to be criminals.

One of Edi’s ways to motivate his fellow drivers is giving them a prize when they achieved a hat-trick or getting 3 orders in a row…

Courtesy of GO-JEK

As part of strengthening the commitment in supporting our micro, small, and medium food enterprises (MSMEs) to scale up their businesses, GO-FOOD held a one-year culinary festival or so-called GO-FOOD Festival (GFF) in 14 locations across Indonesia, “Until present, there are 14 GFF, but we are targeting up to 100 more locations of GFF for the end of the year”, said Brata Santoso, VP of Operations and Business Development for GFF.

Alongside to support our MSMEs to scale up their business’ growth, GFF is also a platform which provides our MSMEs with cooking facilities and a complimentary food-business development program…

Rayi Noormega

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”

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