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A complicated AI-based tech product made simple.

Brief: To redesign QuantumSense’s current website such that it reflects a corporate image and grasps the attention of clients and investor. Furthermore, a focus was drawn to the product demo to be presented on the website in an elaborate yet user-friendly manner.

QuantumSense consists of a group of individuals working to establish their product, a semantic search tool, as a leader in data analytics. The semantic search tool uses meaning based concepts to filter through information, which is quite different to the typical way using keywords.

The Opportunity: To design a website that is professional, informational, and aligns with the company’s values and mission.


Just like any other client project, my UX/UI design team and I met with the client to interview them and find out who they are exactly, what they do, and what they hoped to achieve through us. During this initial interview, we quickly realized the importance of understanding the industry we are working with and the value of a website. We lacked any prior knowledge, however, our client was kind enough to simplify it to its core and help us understand.

Who is Acuity Partners?

In our extensive interview, we learned Acuity Partners is a differentiated strategic advisory to General Partners (GPs) and Limited Partners (LPs) in the Global Private Markets industry. …

Helping the Deaf & Hard of Hearing Feel Safe Through Design

The Opportunity: Design an app that detects alarming sounds occurring within the environment in real time, and alert the user using the mobile device’s flashing light and vibrations.

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Our Mission

The mobile app, Lisnen, is a form of assistive technology created for the deaf and hard of hearing (DHH) community in particular. …


Rayisa Chowdhury

Kinesiology & Health Sciences, BSc. UX Designer Professional.

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