Wait, there are a bazillion writers out here who already claim to know the secret to doing that effortlessly, mindlessly, and…clearly…with no investment required whatsoever.

So who am I to join in? Well…let me tell you:

All you need is your own blog, some random thoughts that pop into your head, and the tenacity of Ren and Stimpy to keep writing every day for about twelve and a half years.

Give it a try…and you will undoubtedly (guaranteed!) go out there into the great abyss of cyberspace, and become a millionaire!

$456,789 a month is just around the corner. Nomad tells Medium this every day. Can he be wrong? Or is he really living in a cardboard box?

The Great Poombah Has Spoken! Money Money Money!



The planet I live on, has twenty four hours in a day (well, approximately twelve, and twelve of night). Here’s mine:

But I’m thinking many of the writers out here on Medium, those making tens of thousands of dollars a month and still posting articles on a regular basis about it, must live on some planet that has, say, 3,000, 4,000 hours in a day? A planet something like this? >




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