Board Game Tutorial Mobile App — A UX Design Case Study
Ramli John

Nicely done Ramli. I’m going to echo James McNab in that they key pain here is how engaging and useful the tutorial component of the interface is. Currently you have a great base for finding and bookmarking games. However, the tutorial component needs work.

I wonder if you can tap the board game community for building quality tutorials. Maybe there is a persona out there that loves a certain board game and wishes more people would try it out. Your platform can help them create engaging tutorials and get kudos/recognition for their contribution. Another option is to remove the focus on tutorials and build around reviews and frequently asked questions. Similar to Amazon I can quickly see how many people really liked game X and what people said who didn’t like it. I can also see frequently asked questions. Example, “Is this game fun for 2 players?” or “How long does this game take to master?”

Maybe the frustration is more, game X’s box looks really cool but after getting the board setup and reading the instruction manual I realize it actually isn’t the type of game I like.

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