I am once again reminded of a powerful image shared by the Spotify engineering team.

How Spotify builds products

At Quartermaster we’re building a powerful employee engagement tool. We have a vision for what the P1 version looks like. However, if we start building that version from the ground up we’ll run out of time and resources. There’s also the possibility that the P1, although very cool, is not practical for our target market.

Instead we built a skateboard. It turned out to be a pretty cool skateboard and a lot of people really like riding it. In 30 days we’re going to start charging for it. This way, we can validate the market for getting from A to B. At this point our skateboard will have transformed into a boosted board helping us hit our 10x customer target.

I still dream about how cool it will be to have a P1. I also dream about how cool it will be when we have fully autonomous vehicles that look nothing like cars that exist today.

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