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Paul Paz y Miño

If you’ve got Netflix you can watch Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret for free. It’s a documentary about the environment, and if you’re an environmentalist you are armed with knowledge to protect you from misinformation, so there is no need to be scared or intimidated. It’s not a scare-the-hell-out-of-you or gross-you-out “vegan maker” movie (Earthlings takes courage to watch!), though I find a scene with a sustainable (?) backyard duck farmer tough to watch. There are many cleverly animated infographics, some of them humorous, and the tone is way lighter than the trailer (which seems to be designed to garner interest in Sundance) projects.

If you don’t have Netflix, the movie can be viewed from their webpage If the fee is intimidating I’m sure it can be found on YouTube. If time is an issue, browse their facts page, chock full of figures and references that I’m waiting for qualified environmentalists to debunk

Please post your review here. I’ll wait.