So many coding boot camps, how do I choose? Start by reading reviews. The thing about negative and positive reviews is you can’t really rely on them because can you really trust the person. And can I really picked up bankable skills in 16 weeks? That’s where Holberton school attracted my attention. 2 years curriculum sound more realistic and doable. Having been in the IT field for over 8 years as a Network Operation Analyst, I know my way around the back and front end of network operation. The thought of going back to school and sitting in lectures was not something I wanted. But seeing the reviews on Switchup convinced me to give schooling a second chance. With virtualization and enough RAM, I can whip up any linux flavor vm or Windows and play with Apache, Nginx, Wordpress, Zabbix, System Center, SQL, and just about anything I can dream up. But self-teaching can only take me so far. Why do I want to pursue a career in software engineering? It’s the constant need to solve puzzles/problems. It’s the desire to work on new project that challenge my creativity. It’s the desire to learn new stuffs on a daily basis. It’s the fear of doing the same thing over and over. I can hold my own when it come to collaboration type environment and with a little guidance from experts, I know I can excel. Its time to go back to school for once!

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