In Romantic Relationships, You’re Either a Spark-Chaser or a Long Burner.
Sara Lynn Michener

Nice article, but sounds like just a plausible tale, akin to those speakers at the Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park London or Sydney, who say a lot of different things that sound plausible and topical but are timeless in that they are repeated year after year, only the names change. Here, there’s no science behind any of these assertions. For example, what about asexual people? They have no feelings towards sex. What about mentally ill, temporary or otherwise? What about gender roles? Men should arguably be Spark Chasers and women Long Burners (pace the author)? What about people who were Spark Chasers but became Long Burners (and vice versa)? In fact, one study somewhat grounded in evolutionary biology found that indeed the average marriage lasts 7 years, enough time to sire issue and raise them to an age where you don’t need two parents, but the fact people stay married for 50+ years is testament to the fact culture can override genes.

Anyway, the author is commended for sharing her personal details to help others, but it seems like this article is just clickbait. I did click, so you have 0.0001 pennies from me. Good luck!

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