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BTW, if you struggle with anxiety, one simple strategy is the following: “That might happen, but it hasn’t happened yet. And if it does, I’ll deal with it, just like others do, just like I have other things in the past, and will probably have to many times in the future”

And be careful about making demands of life (or yourself): i.e. “We can’t let this happen”, “This shouldn’t be happening”, “They shouldn’t be able to get away with this”, “We shouldn’t have to deal with this”. We may not be able to stop everything they do, it is, they unfortunately can get away with stuff sometimes, and we do have to deal with it. If you cling to such demands you’ll just be a lot more anxious, angry and ultimately depressed than is helpful, or necessary. Anything you can do when angry, you can do better when you’re not. Despite what many believe, change doesn’t come when people get angry. People actually get stupid when they get angry.

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