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Oh gosh. How insightful. We need to engage with people who don’t attend the rallies — as well as those that do. Never thought of that. I would suggest the last thing Jeremy enjoys is trailing around the country repeating the same speech. But he knows this is a demand placed on him by supporters — and it is crucial in building local support. When the local news covers 7000 turning out on a drizzly Monday evening in Liverpool, for a 2 hour out-door rally, it is a serious counter to the “everyone thinks Corbyn is useless” narrative in the press, and from many Labour MPs. Your Millifandom was a welcome counter to the hostile press — and gave Ed a positive news story. But Ed really was useless — and seriously disliked on the doorstep. I say that after 18 months of door-knocking in the run up to the last election. But we did our best and loyally supported our elected leader. If you don’t want to do that as a Party member — and instead want to write naive “attempted political commentary” which is more about getting you publicity, than anything beneficial for the Party — then I urge you to stop. If your brand of politics is that of the slightly left Millibands and co, I am sure you will get a job as a researcher or SPAD and get you foot on the bottom rung of the greasing poll that is a career in politics. But don’t do so it at the expense of the current Party leader.

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