How to gain immortality

I’m tired of being tentative. 
This silence has gone on for too long.
Especially as I see the supernova in front of me, 
forcing me to revert back to the times when I would
sip on water in a hot desert, waiting for the oasis to show
I wonder, am I the cactus my student is waiting for?
She can do better than me. She can write herself. 
Just like those who come after me can do better than me.
They can teach themselves.
So what role do I play? What contribution is there to be made?
I am but a sun, a catalyst for those around me. 
Their success is not because of me, it is sped up by me. 
And one day my fire will flare out.
I will be the forgotten Olympic torch at a ceremony,
reveling in the warmth I have spread, until they become torches themselves
and take a spot next to me in the Parthenon of teachers. 
Oh I can’t wait for that day. The day where my flame no longer needs to burn
because it will perpetually burn in the flames of others.

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