Chapter I: Too soon

See, the issue with writing like this, or just starting something like this, it all sounds dark and shit. You can tell there won’t be a good ending with this but you keep writing. Is it therapeutic? Ehh, yes and no. It’s like a balloon with water inside. Try it. If you empty it or keep it filled, it’s still a fucking balloon, til you pop it. I’m not advocating death, don’t pop yourself or get popped. I’m just saying, empty it sometimes, fill it sometimes. Don’t worry if it’s too empty or there’s too much in it. Just carry it, for as long as you can, til it pops. Anyways, I think the way the… What do you call Him now? I mean, it’s not like I don’t believe in Him. This dude is as real and as much of a certainty as the sun rising and setting, even more so. Going back before my tangent, I think He’s set up our lives, wait that’s a generalization, He’s set up my life with different moments of ‘too soon’. Some people lose their virginity too soon, some babies are exposed to technology too soon, some people release spoilers about the next season of Game of Thrones too soon, some people think the game is over too soon (I’m looking at you Spurs players and fan in Game 6, you know what game 6 I’m talking about, “Pushing those yellow lines back!”), some people have kids too soon, some people do drugs too soon, nap time ends too soon and some people die too soon. You look back and it’s like, what the hell?

This is not a too soon moment, at least not yet, that I know of. When we look back on this when you get older, it might’ve been too soon, too late or just right. As the story progresses, maybe we could have multiple alternate storyli-, nope we won’t actually. I saw how DC and Marvel struggle and they had to reboot their whole universe. This is a simple story. A man with a bottle of Jameson, sits at his desk, pours out his life onto a piece of paper or in the 21st century, some form of technology, for a person who he hasn’t met and doesn’t know at the moment, hoping for… Shit, I don’t even know. Let’s start with an all too familiar setting for many of my memories. Me, in a bed. To quote the OG,

. “Rather unpleasant to behold, isn’t it? The tale is thrilling if I do say so myself…Take my arm.”

Yes, I did cut a little snippet out.


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