You must learn this #1 practice to achieve Success.

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You must do this to achieve success, to lead and to improve your decision making.


Yes you read it right! You must LISTEN.

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Listen!! that’s the first word you heard from your mother when your not paying attention. And that’s also the reason when you can’t answer your teachers oral recitation.

Listening plays a vital part on our success. We Listen when we want to learn. We Listen when we are interested. We Listen when we don’t want to commit mistake. That’s why listening is very important in our daily life.

Listening takes a big part to those people who have goals and want to learn.

Every Champion and great leaders practice their listening skills to achieve their goals.

Here are two example of individual and team who listen to achieve their Goals. / Garrett Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images
  • Golden State Warriors won their 2016–2017 NBA Championship because they listen to every plays that Coach Steve Kerr/Mike Brown wants to execute.
  • Floyd Mayweather jr. 49 wins-0 loss — Putting aside his boxing controversies, He’s undeniably one of the smartest boxer in history and that’s because he always listen to his coach boxing strategies to outbox his opponent.

Weather your a patient who seek medical attention, a Soldier with a mission or employee who wants that award of employee of the year. We practice listening in every effective way as possible because we want to be successful. We want to hear from our bosses and commander that we did a great job!

Whenever we listen we inherit those words of wisdom, those learning from great people and we also learn their lesson that we may possibly apply in our life.

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Do you know the best leaders is also a Great Listener? Why? Because they listen to their people to show that they care. They know listening is also knowing what is the best approach and action to take. And in return their people also learn to listen back and follow their practices and share the same vision . Their people becomes more confident and they are willing to give their best because they know they matter to you as an employee.

If you want to Lead, Then you should learn to listen because by listening you will know which direction that your ship want to sail.

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And finally you should Listen to your inner self! Do you ever feel something is not right? or feel this is the correct way?. that feeling is intuition . It is the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. When you listen to your inner self you’re making yourself accountable on every decision you make thus this will lead you to be more confident to take your journey to succeeds.

When you listen you also see the path to your success.

Are you a Good Listener? What did you achieve when you listen?How important is listening to you? Please share your story by leaving a comment below.

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