The Raw Moments of Mobile Live Streaming

By Raymond Chung

What a momentous day for live streaming everywhere around the US and globally! (which started on Periscope to Facebook Live)

In case you have missed what has been happening since this morning, the House Democrats is currently demonstrating a sit-in in the chamber to get GOP to pass gun control legislation. [WATCH LIVE ON PERISCOPE]

#NoBillNoBreak — trending on Twitter

This is all happening behind closed doors, no mainstream media, except for C-SPAN playing these LIVE and RAW broadcasts via House Reps @ScottPetersSD and @RepSwallwell over-the-air.

We have reached the Internet Age where content can be transparent, unbiased and unfiltered. An app that is easily accessible by a click in the App Store. One of the most influential thing that got me into this medium is Community. With that in mind, community is what brings the world together collectively and passionately.

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