John DeVore

I, for one, (how many of me can there be after all), enjoyed the tone of your article. If one has ever read some of the social media posts depicting conversations between women and men for whom they did not just jump into bed one can see the need to address them on this level. One comes to mind wherein a man sent a woman he barely knew but that had “made eye contact” with him a picture of his penis. In the conversation that ensued he was unable to understand why sending a dick-picture to a woman he barely knew would not be met with praise for his organ and ecstatic joy and the desire to place it in an orifice. When she failed to respond in that manner she was a stupid bitch, and worse. That’s the blatant example. I just watched an episode of the new “Bull” TV series where a condescending lawyer was speaking to two professional women in his Bull’s organization and without even thinking about it glanced at one of the two and said, “why don’t you go get me a cup of coffee, honey.” Part of a script, yes. Based on real life, yes. I had a landlord once who was outraged because the Cadillac dealership let a woman mechanic work on his car.

The tone of the article is humorously sarcastic, cliché riddled and dumbed down but many of those John is addressing couldn’t understand it any other way. On the other hand many who read it may be highly intelligent individuals…with the same attitudes. These would rather attack the format than admit their own bias’s.

If you don’t remember where this comes from, you need only find some magazine ads from the 50’s and 60’s where women were demeaned, spanked for bad behavior and in general portayed as second class. I’m from then. We all thought it was OK then. It’s not. The fact that it is wrong is not millennial sissy BS, it’s common decency and we should aspire, as Mr. DeVore noted, to treat others as we would like to be treated. Despite the apparent contradiction this is to most major religions, women are, and should be treated as equals.

Does that mean we should be allowed to bully them as we bully other men we think lesser than ourselves? Absolutely not, we shouldn’t be bullying anybody. Once those of you who hold women as lesser beings see the light and correct that behavior, we would expect a call from you proctologist telling us he found your head.

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