Make Your Mobile Customers Your New Focus Group

Raymond Graves
Feb 10, 2017 · 4 min read

Focus groups have been around for as long as any of us can remember, and then some. They were the best way, at one time, to gather information on how certain demographics would respond to a yet to be released product. They were the avenues to help many businesses determine how their brand would resonate with the market as a whole. And, back before technology was so readily available, they truly were the best way to determine a brand’s usability and overall experience within certain demographics. However, because of the advancements in technology, focus groups have actually become outdated.

Instead people, like mobile users, have actually become the better way to determine how a demographic responds to a brand or SEO strategy. In this article we will show you the reasons why focus groups are more a thing of the past, and why mobile customers are actually your new and improved focus group.

The first reason why focus groups aren’t always the best and accurate, is because a small-localized group isn’t typically a good representation of your actual customers. Unlike a random sampling of your mobile customers, who are actually a much more unbiased way to get a fair assessments of what they actually think of your product.

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Also, another problem with focus groups is that there is a gap between what focus groups say versus what they do. For example, several years ago Sony performed a focus group to get feedback on their yellow Walkman. According to the focus group participants, they all said that they loved the yellow Walkman and wish they had one themselves. So, at the end of the focus group session, they offered the participants a choice between a black or yellow Walkman. And to the much chagrin of Sony, all of the participants chose the black Walkman. This example goes to show that the behavior of those in an observed environment will be different than those who aren’t observed. Meaning, focus groups won’t always give you a reliable outcome.

Finally, a third reason why focus groups tend to give you inaccurate results is because groupthink can occur. If there is a strong dominating personality or personalities in a focus group, it can have the potential to overwhelm both the group and the observers. Meaning, whatever it is that the dominating personality says, is what tends to go with the group. This is avoided when using your mobile customers as a focus group because of the following reasons.

1. Mobile users are already your customers.

2. Mobile gives you specific data about each of your consumers.

3. Your mobile customers have far more engaged.

4. You can use mobile data to distinguish between promoters, passives, and detractors.

5. You can significantly increase the speed of collecting feedback

The simple fact that mobile users are already customers gives you the advantage of seeing firsthand how they view your brand. You can also determine the level of brand loyalty based on the data that is given within your mobile website or app. This data also allows you to see exactly how each personal consumer is using your product. Which can help you create a comprehensive customer profile, which further allows you to better understand your demographic. Also, mobile users are far more engaged then desktop users. And will more than likely be willing to participate in surveys to better help you know what changes need to be made. And unlike in a focus group, where it may not be a true representation of your demographic, the mobile users taking your survey already are your demographic.

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As we’ve also stated, your mobile data can also help you distinguish if your consumers are promoters of your product, if they are more neutral of your product, or if they are speaking negatively about your product. Plus, this gives you a broader range of information about your consumers rather than a specific localized group. Plus, you can increase the speed for collecting your feedback. Instead of having to take the time to assemble a group together, you can simply launch a survey and within hours and gain informative feedback on how you can improve.

While focus groups have been beneficial in the past, it’s time to start looking towards the future and see mobile users as your new focus groups. If you can adopt this new philosophy, you will better be able to predict how your Indianapolis SEO strategy will be more successful in the future.

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