Attitude: You Are Your Own Inspirations

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“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

— Eleanor Roosevelt

People often ask me how they can change their attitude about themselves when professional disaster strikes. A fellow business professional shared with me there were never enough properties to sell. He said, “my commissions were enormous. And then the bottom fell out of the market. My client list dried up. People weren’t buying. I went from feeling like there were unlimited possibilities to the belief that things would never be good again. I don’t want to give up but feeling like a failure time and time again is eating away at me. How can I possibly keep going when my belief in myself is thinning out, day after day?”

I knew what he meant. I replied, “We know what happens when things go well. We think that they will remain that way forever. But the reality is different. The pendulum keeps swinging back and forth. There will be good times, and there will be disappointments and failures. One gentleman, whom I knew throughout the real estate business, once said to me, “Doug, I used to be a top seller. I’ve felt the sting of failure, too, and it’s not fun, especially when a run of disappointments occurs.”

Here’s what I told him, and what I told myself many times as well: You are the same person you were when things were going really well. What changed in you? Do you really believe, deep down, that you suddenly lost your intuition (your best friend, by the way), and that from now on your life is on a steep decline?

I don’t believe that we want to feel bad about ourselves. But we let ourselves be pushed around by outside forces when it is our inner strength and faith in ourselves that will carry us through. You are your own inspiration. Before you can inspire others, you must encourage yourself always, in good times and bad.

“Nothing is easier than fault-finding: no talent, no self-denial, no brains, no character are required to set up in the grumbling business.” — Robert West

The preceding is adapted from The Winning Advantage: Tap into Your Richest Resources by Raymond Houser ©2018 Raymond D. Houser and published with permission of the author.

Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Author of The Winning Advantage: Tap into Your Richest Resources.

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