Getting Past the Blank Page

Today has been difficult. One of those days where there is a mood in the air of discontent. One of those days which is stacked with interruptions and meeting and appointments that you cant avoid. One of those days whee you just don’t feel good about yourself both physically and mentally.

I have carved out a little time in this difficult day and now I am sitting here in front of the pristine white window of my word processor and there is nothing in this head of mine. Nothing that wants to find its way to my finger tips and work its way out onto the page.

So I am here letting the finger tips have a shot at being the boss, letting them choose what appears at the blinking cursor. I follow the thread that is unearthed by my fingers and hopefully in time the writing coming out of my fingers will work its way up to my brain and kick start my thought process.

Outside in the world things go from bad to worse to surreal but I have never been much of a writer on politics. So something else will have to fill this blank white space before the woolly headed tiredness claims me completely.

So here I am writing about writing and what gets in the way from time to time, in order to push through and get something on that blank page and keep my commitment to write every day.

I will be back here tomorrow and the next day and the next day after that, putting the words on the page and shaping them into something partway readable.

See you all tomorrow

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