As weather in Tallahassee begins to heat up, the Miami Dolphins has set fire to the NFL offseason. Just after my Miami Dolphins made a playoff appearance for the first time in eight years this season, they have been the first team in the NFL to make a splash in the news since the Super Bowl.

Julius Thomas, Pro-Bowl tight end, is said to be set in a trade to the Dolphins from the Jacksonville Jaguars in a few days. The Dolphins look to add more firepower to their strong receiving core with quarterback Ryan Tannehill returning from injury next season. The Dolphins have been looking to fill their tight end position since their current tight end, Jordan Cameron, has not met expectations. Once a former Pro-Bowler, Cameron’s numbers have fallen way off with the Dolphins in the past two season’s than they have in career’s past. Jordan Cameron’s replacement shows us the harsh reality of the NFL.

In terms of being productive, Jordan Cameron was able to do it with the Cleveland Browns for the first four years of his six year career. Cameron has already almost doubled the average lifespan in the NFL: 3.3 years. But throughout his time in the NFL, he has suffered four concussions, broken 3 ribs and pulled his hamstring. And trust me, pulling your hamstring hurts a lot fucking more than you think. It’s no question that American Football is the most aggressive and dangerous sport that is played professionally in the country.

Although sports science works towards safer helmet every year, football payers take the largest risks out of all athletes when on the field. Quarterback’s getting blindsided, defenseless receivers getting crushed by strong safeties, and punt returners getting decleated the second their fingertips touch the ball, football is war.

In an upcoming era of “PC” soccer moms, I wonder is kids in the future are going to be encouraged to put on a helmet and bash their skulls when studies continuously come to light on concussions. How about when the guy with the ball gets destroyed and the entire pub goes wild? Is anyone thinking about how the crumpled body on the ground has no idea where it is?

I think that the presence of competition and playmaking in football distracts society from the brute nature of the game. I am by no means bad mouthing football or trying to call it barbaric because I love the aggressiveness of the game but safety first, right? Maybe a super shock proof helmets will be developed in the future but for now its faces masks and chinstraps.

I just want Julius Thomas to get hit way less than Jordan Cameron did during his time in Miami. I also want these moms of the future to know that before they post that picture on Instagram of their kid before a football game, theres a good shot somebody is gonna clean his clock.