Mission Statement: aimless experimentation

apparently due to anatomical trauma, I will abandon society and become a reclusive writer guy

Hi. I am not Raymond Montana. That’s a pen name, obviously. If my honest to god legal name was Raymond Montana, I would not be here today. I would almost certainly be somewhere else, because I would be a different person living a different life, and the odds of this hypothetical person being in the exact geographic location I currently inhabit are slim, to say the least.

Let’s address some motivations, ideologies, etc. here. I would be quite thrilled if you took a few minutes to get to know me, a guy who so far hasn’t revealed his actual name and portrays himself through Microsoft Paint as a somatic catastrophe.

“Mission Statement” is actually an odd title for this piece, as mission is a strong word for my presence on here. Aimless experimentation is a more fitting term. I just went back and edited the title to reflect this (FULL TRANSPARENCY), and now I’m mildly amused at the amount of cognitive dissonance going on in the phrase “Mission Statement: aimless experimentation.”

To be completely honest, I’m here to cope with the existential angst of a early-20’s male with considerable neurosis through bizarre, spontaneous wordsmithing. No, I won’t be venting or sharing intimate details of my inward journey towards meaning, contentment, and self-actualization. I’m just going to be spewing words and seeing what happens from there. It will be nothing if not original. That’s about all I can promise at this point.

I’m planning on posting on here every day for the foreseeable future. I also cannot tell you what overarching themes, genres, or topics will be covered. It’s a fluid situation. The only philosophy behind my writing right now is “shoot from the hip,” as seen in my bio. I’m not even quite sure what that actually means in this context. We’ll play it by ear, jafeel?

It just struck me as strange how this is actually my second post, the first being a disjointed compilation of half-baked ideas titled “Ruminations.” I guess I just wanted to pump some shit out ASAP, and shit is what resulted.

The only reason I can give you, prospective reader, to continue following this blog (if you will) is the opportunity to indulge in the ideas of an apathetic young man operating far below his economic potential.

Come fly with me.