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The aftermath of this election will test our ability to compromise.

The polls haven’t even closed in California and watching the returns has become too much. Four years ago, before my two daughters were old enough to understand what was at stake, my wife and I mourned the loss of who should have been our first female president. And tonight, we’re holding onto hope that the country’s first female Vice President, who also happens to be both Caribbean and South Asian — not unlike my Bahamian and Japanese kids — will make it over the line. Like many others, I was bracing for the blunt force trauma possibility of a second…

Feeling old school

I was at the University of Southern California today. Not as a middle-aged post-grad student or as an adjunct professor, but as a guest presenter to a class of EDM students. I was fascinated to hear there was an electronic dance music course at the elite university when I was first asked to speak there a few years back by assistant professor Sean C. Nye. Returning this semester, I brought along two experts in music, former URB editor Joshua Glazer, and Valerie Lee, current digital editor of international dance music bible Mixmag. …

Raymond Leon Roker

Personal page • @urbmag co-founder • Storyteller • Dad to Kaia + Leia • Putting in work for @amazon

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