Death Valley Tours And The Superbloom

Death Valley is one of the hottest and driest places on earth, and as a result it has a very unique landscape. While you would think that it would be completely barren and without plant life, this is actually not the case. Instead, the desert floor of Death Valley has many species of plant and animal life that has adapted to the harsh climate. Generally, the area is not very green due to the need of green plants to be watered often, the look of Death Valley leaning more towards brown and red.

This year there is likely to be a rare event called a “superbloom” in Death Valley for the second year in a row. The superbloom is an occurrence where millions of wildflower seeds which are typically dormant due to lack of water all bloom at once, creating carpets of yellow, purple and red for as far as the eye can see. These wildflowers can literally lie in a state of dormancy for decades, awaiting the right combination of heavy rain and early warm temperatures. If the superbloom happens, it will likely come in early March until April. The rainfall has been substantial in the area this year, setting the stage for the bloom to happen if warm temperatures are present.

Tours of Death Valley during superbloom times are quite popular, and are assured to sell out quickly. For this reason, if you plan on booking a Death Valley tour with Bindlestiff Tours during any of the period between March and May, you may want to secure your spot now. This is far better than the alternative that puts you in Las Vegas wanting to see this iconic event to find out that all seats are sold. Attempting to travel to Death Valley during this timeframe by yourself will be met with long lines and traffic.

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