Lord Neil B Gibson Keeps Entrepreneurism Alive

Lord Neil Gibson has always been an entrepreneur, and has enjoyed a successful multi-decade career in international finance and business. Many times, Gibson has gone outside of his typical business plan involving the development of partnerships between lending bodies and those in need of funding, and he has instead embarked on projects that can be best described as entrepreneur-philanthropy. What this means is that Gibson manages to identify underserved areas of the globe which have a unique characteristic, the potential harvesting of a natural resource without the infrastructure to do so. This is where Gibson shines, and where he manages to successfully combine business with philanthropy.

Lord Neil Gibson first identifies the area that needs some form of industry in order to create the employment opportunities that will infuse cash into the general population. After this area is identified as well as the identification of a natural resource that is available yet not currently being exploited for export, Gibson begins his meetings. He will generally form a partnership with the local government who has not had the ability to install the necessary infrastructure that would allow them to exploit the resource themselves, and presents a plan to involve foreign partners in the project who can bring the skills necessary to the area to complete multiple aspects of critical infrastructure building. Roads, bridges, housing and health care facilities are discussed within this plan, and once the local decisions makers are on board he then begins the process of calling upon his extensive network of partners to fill service orders. Each of these strategic partners shares in the eventual profits generated by the finalized mechanism to export the resource. Local labor is used for all projects, immediately uplifting the local population with jobs, and eventually employing the same local workforce within the mines or factories that are created. It is only through this whole vision that Gibson is so effective at creating the eventual project that produces products.

Gibson is currently in the Middle East utilizing pools of capital from investors in the area, and pairing it up with companies who can be used on eventual development projects.