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This story started when I was faced with the challenge of building a web application that would handle large loads of dynamic data and present it in a multitude of data visualizations that needed to react to changes in filters. Of course the verb “react” made me immediately believe that React JS was the solution to this problem, and it largely was. React handled the reactivity, (or what I believed was reactivity at the time) and Redux handled the storage and manipulation of the data. Everything was great except for one thing. …

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As a JavaScript developer, the IDE of choice currently is Microsoft’s VS Code. Not only is it written in JS (TypeScript to be more specific), but it has a ton of extensions to make it the ideal choice for many other languages as well.

Note that I’m not one of those developers that came from vim or emacs, so I am used to a full graphical IDE like Eclipse, IntelliJ, or Visual Studio. Call me what you will, “millenial developer” might suit the picture. When I decided to take the plunge down the rabbit-hole to learn Elixir, I did some…

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Yew is a new web framework written in Rust that takes concepts from React JS and Elm. It takes the two web libraries I love and combines them with the new language I love — Rust. I wrote this article because I haven’t found a lot of documentation online on how to get the Yew examples running, and I’m sure there will be people that will run into the same problems I did. I wrote this in hopes that it helps someone out there.

Here is the big kicker. Make sure you have the Ubuntu 16.04 LTS installed! …


Data science is the current hotness in the IT industry with everyone talking about machine learning, artificial intelligence, and self-driving cars to name a few. Is the hype warranted? Are the people who fear that AI will take over the world, correct? And the real question I seek to answer is, should a software developer/engineer invest in the skills needed for a career in data science?

Data science itself casts a large net over many subjects in academia. It is rare to find someone who has all the skills that data science entails because many of the subjects are disparate…

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