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Thank you for sharing your perspective. As someone who has had kids and struggled at every level to maintain my tenuous position in the dwindling middle class, I can honestly say that there is NO perfect time to have children. You could further say that this decision is probably our most selfish act as humans. And I don’t necessarily mean selfish in a bad way. Children DO fill a very real empty spot in many people’s lives. I always feel a little sad inside when I see a person’s hope and dreams waylaid by children (unexpected or otherwise). Of course, it is not the children’s fault! Especially when that person expresses regret over their decision. I am further saddened when people (not you) feel like that they have to put their lives on hold to raise children. It is a choice. You don’t have to! I dragged my young children half way across the United States to attend graduate school and it was an amazing experience for everyone. It was hard! We had no money. But for some reason, it all worked out in the end and I didn’t have to put my dream on hold. Anything is possible if you set your mind to it. Never give up. Keep fighting. Learn from your experience. Don’t hustle. Work hard. Make sacrifices. Put off what feels good today for what will provide lasting security tomorrow. Providing for one’s children is one of the most positive motivating forces in the universe!

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