How To Be Successful On Amazon

It doesn’t matter what your product is. If you are successful on Amazon you are making money. That’s a pretty simple statement to make knowing that Amazon is the largest internet retailer in the U.S.

Selling books, toys, or your own branded apparel can be extremely lucrative once you crack the code to getting those sales. It’s important to understand that the wide use of Amazon by sellers can make ranking difficult. Being purely organic with your products on Amazon will get you nowhere.

Running Ads In Amazon

This seems like a pretty simple option. Run some keyword promotions and sit back and watch the numbers go up. Sadly, that’s not how it works.

The competition for useful keywords is pretty fierce. The cost per click, which still generates a positive ROI, has percentages that are lower than what they should be when it comes to digital advertising in 2019. That isn’t to say you shouldn’t test out this strategy. Amazon Ads just isn’t a set and forget advertising option anymore.

Brand Exposure Is Everything

People knowing your product as the solution to what they are looking for isn’t as simple as what they see when they type something into a search box. We live in an extremely brand conscious and social society, and the reviews of peers carry a lot of weight. The easiest way to your customer isn’t just ads.

Influencer Marketing

Your target customer is on social media. Period. There may be small sections of your target that have resisted for this long, but the number is so low (especially when selling on Amazon) that you might as well ignore it. Enter influencer marketing.

No matter what your product is there is bound to be someone with a lot of followers, that makes good content, and is willing to talk about your product. Having fifteen influencer tout your book will cause those KDP numbers to skyrocket.

Be Your Own Influencer

If you are product focused and you are not on social media yet you should be. If you only sell brooms then be the most interesting broom salesman on Instagram. What I’m trying to say is it doesn’t matter what you sell. Engage with your customers on their choice for social media. Do you sell lipstick? Get on Instagram. Are you a writer? Get on Twitter. Do a little research and find which social media platform(s) are the best for your niche.

If you are active on social media and your target market enjoys interacting with you, you will find it easy to increase sales.

Focus on awareness and leads will follow

Running ads is still important. Even more important is the way you run the ads and the type of content you produce for them. Especially when starting out. If you focus your campaigns towards a goal of brand awareness you will have success. Your niche always decides where to place ads. Facebook is always a good start, but at this point in the game it is never the only one.

The most important thing to accomplish is to drive your future customers to the part of Amazon your product calls home. Allow the organic algorithm to start doing some work on top of your ads. Make sure your customers give positive reviews quickly. That means having great customer service and asking them to do reviews for you. It won’t be overnight, but if you take the right steps at the right time, your product will be successful.