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To make it clear: This article is about news, but this is not a news story.

I try to read news on a daily basis because I was a journalism student.

Even though I read all kinds of news, but I mainly read Canadian and Chinese news as I’m a Chinese-Canadian. However, I feel bitter most of the time when I read news about China.

And reading news in English about China creates a sour feeling.

If you read stories on the same case from both sides in both languages (English and Chinese), you’ll find that both sides seem to be against each other, such as the Meng Wanzhou case. I can’t see any value and I don’t understand any message they’re trying to convey here. It’s meaningless and boring to me.

As a global citizen, I don’t need news like that. The two governments do.

There are a lot of good journalists in Canada who write high-quality and interesting stories that create values to our society. They’re from National Post, The Toronto Star and other news companies. I wish I could write something as well as them because they’re the ones who make the world a better place. Those journalists who write the Meng Wanzhou stories should really learn from their colleagues who write the airplane-thefts story or the anti-fraud stories.

Simply because the latter contributes more to the society.