Oh my..i was short of words as i entered the Andela compound just to be met with seriousness written all over the faces of the female cohort xvi recruits.

Well for me it was my first time to have ever had the opportunity to be among such brilliant minds and i was eager and excited to make each moment worth it. Its not like i was not tensed or i was the confident type,truth be told, deep inside i felt intimidated and scared considering my background knowledge in programming.

Speaking of programming: let me give a brief insight on what Andela is. Andela is a world class tech-institute aimed at tapping young African minds who have the passion, integrity and excellence in committing to the world of technology through programming,software engineering,web development.Not only does it give you the knowledge to nature your skills but also the resources and an employment if proven to be client-worthy.

As engaged my fellow collegues i chose not to let fear and intimidation get the best of me and instead opted to be assertive and fast-paced so as to try and catch up.

Getting to Andela was not an easy task, as they say, its even easier to get into Harvard than to Andela and so i did not expect the bootcamp to be any easy.It entailed inputting much time, effort,zeal,passion,charisma and research,which for me are key ingredients in becoming a world class developer.

Generally the learning experience was gruesome,challenging with a bit of frustRations here and there but am hope full that i will not speak of it as a trial and error but a trial and a success.

Despite it being a challenging learning experience, hoping to be a success story and also inspire other female to join the tech-world.

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