Rants From The Heart Broken Interviewee

Dear Reader,

This is not your usual aspire to Maguire story but instead, this is a story about how I have been failing...

Today, I realized a seemingly consistent pattern after observing it for 13 months. It was so bad a pattern that each time, (for at least 3 times a month) it leaves me utterly heartbroken

What is the pattern, you’d ask?

The pattern of having a nervous breakdown at every job interview that leaves both myself and the interviewer utterly confused.
During the interview, I would be so nervous that no matter how many times I have practiced and prepared beforehand, I would end up not being able to say anything with clarity.

This has turned to rejection mails upon mails even in instances when I could have had a great deal of chances….

Where is this leading, you’d ask?

Nowhere, however this is me just telling myself to not be so hard on myself… To keep trying and perhaps, someday it would click….

Dear Reader, I know this does not inspire you and maybe it doesn’t help you in any way, but know this:

Sometimes I wonder if an interview could be via instant chats, especially tackled for people like me who have nervous breakdown not just because they don’t know what to say or how to say it..

I also wonder if interviewer have ever considered or explored other forms of interviews?

I also wonder if interviewer have ever considered that the interviewee know their onions but is too nervous to conjure wholesome and complete answers…

But some jobs require that you could speak boldly and articulate your thoughts, don't you know?

Yes, I know and I also know that interviewers don’t have all the time in the world to coax the interviewee but then, if an alternative is provided, would interviewers be willing to explore them?

Dear Reader, like I mentioned, this isn’t to inspire you but if you do get inspired, let it be that you don’t give up on the search for what you want…..

Finally, know this — sometimes it might be that you need to overcome the nervous breakdown and sometimes, you might just need to explore your strengths more… Above all, don’t stop believing in yourself and don’t be so hard on yourself, will you?

Cheering for you!❤️

With Love
The Heartbroken Interviewee..



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