Not a Pilot? You Can Still Help the Angel Flight West Network

How Can Non-Pilots Get Involved? It’s Easy!

One of my very best friends asked me to expand on my original Angel Flight West post, suggesting that I add details about how people can help if they aren’t pilots. Here are 3 simple things you can do to become involved with Angel Flight West.

1. Be an Earth Angel

Earth Angels provide ground transport for passengers. This is a critical element to the process. Sometimes hospitals provide shuttle service, but quite often an Earth Angel is needed to get the passenger to the appointment from the airport and vice versa. All you need to do is sign up and select a mission. Then Angel Flight West will put you in touch with the pilot to coordinate times and locations. It’s a great way to make a difference.

2. Donate

Angel Flight West is a nonprofit organization. Like any organization, this entity needs funding to exist. All this infrastructure isn’t magic; it takes people, technology, and process, none of which are consistently free. Since Angel Flight West doesn’t pay pilots or reimburse fuel or other expenses, donation money is dedicated to fund operations to keep the organization running.

3. Talk It Up

Know someone in the medical field? Tell them about it. Doctors, nurses, interns, students, admins, social workers, whomever. But it doesn’t stop there. Friends, parents, co-workers, teachers, PTA… the list goes on. Each one has the opportunity to help someone if just armed with simple information. Maybe they’ll overhear something that could trigger a “hey I heard about this organization…” response.

Consider these fictional situations:

I’d love to take my mom to Stanford for regular treatment, but it’s a 4 drive and I can’t take off work that much since we’d have to stay overnight.

Angel Flight West can reduce the travel time by 3 hours. Mom will be back in time for dinner.

There’s a camp that would help my kid feel normal for a week. I could try to borrow the money for gas or work overtime.

Angel Flight West. It won’t cost you a dime.

I wish my town had a support group like that one I heard about in the Bay Area.

Angel Flight West can — You get the idea.

I’m not asking that you become a pilot and start flying for Angel Flight West. I’m not asking that you give up an afternoon driving someone to an appointment. And I’m not asking you to donate money.

But I am asking you to tell at least two people about Angel Flight West.

Even if it’s just telling them to look it up. Word of mouth is a powerful tool. It’s free and doesn’t take long, and it can truly impact someone’s life for the better.

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