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I believe all of life is a narrative: we tell stories in our decisions, our actions, our words (spoken and unspoken), our choices, our beliefs, our wishes, our hopes, our regrets, our dreams, our emotions, our loves, and our people. For me, creativity is sparked when I look around or look inside and consider what stories I am telling with my life, or what stories an object tells me, or what stories the people and places I observe (like those in photographs) might have to tell me. Sometimes those stories catch fire and become narratives that inspire thought, or evoke feelings, or ignite social movements and great change. Sometimes, those stories are just private moments that make me smile. And from those moments, the whole universe can suddenly seem grand and expansive and intimately accessible all at once. That’s my source of creative inspiration: the drive to find stories, pay attention to stories, and tell stories. I hope your stories find you and I hope you share them with the world.

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