Feel The Bern Out Missed 60s Revolution Hillary & I Fought -
 Every time this meme pops up on Facebook I wonder if the BernOut Bros know that Bernie Sanders was arrested on orders of the racist Democrat Mayor Richard Daley who kept the schools and housing segregated in Chicago. I doubt the Feel the BernOut voters get that the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) activists were fighting the racist housing segregation policies in Chicago, imposed by Democrat Mayor Daley. Those BernOut Bros have no clue that Bernie botched this 1962 sit-in to end racist housing polices in the University of Chicago when he agreed to end the protest with a promise of negotiations with the administration, a negotiation that never happened. They also do not know that Bernie flunked out, taking a year off, before returning to the college in 1963. Those Bern Outs do not care that in 1963 Hillary Rodham was 17, living in her parents’ home in a suburb of Chicago while in Chicago the racists were Democrats and Republicans. Those Bern Outs do not get that in 1964. after Bernie graduated from college, he hid out in Vermont, missing the civil rights revolution, the women’s rights revolution, the peace revolution, and the gay rights revolution. They do not get that he did not work from 1964 to 1981. They have no clue that in 1981, Bernie only got 10 more votes than the Democratic candidate in the Burlington, Vt. mayoral campaign, in his continuous crusade to divide and destroy the Democratic Party. According to Politico reporter Kruse, Burlington taxpayers paid that dead-beat dad who never worked in a real job to support his son, $33,800 a year. They have no clue that since Bernie started his $165,000 a year Establishment Political Career in Congress in 1991, he continues to get $5,000 a year from Burlington taxpayers, who have given him more than $130,000 as a pension from his do hardly anything 8-year mayor position. According to multiple reports, after Bernie graduated with his Political Science B.A., he and his new wife, Deborah Messing, took off for Europe and Israel in 1964. VT Digger reporters, Jess Wisloski and Anne Galloway, wrote in their June 2015 article, “Bernie Sanders’ Early Days in Vermont: His Life, Loves and Circuitous Route To Politics,” that Sanders and his wife went on a year-long honeymoon to Europe and Israel, “just as the war in Vietnam was escalating.” When the newlyweds returned to the United States, they moved to the middle of the middle of nowhere Vermont, where they lived off the grid, without electricity. Eighteen months after they married, they divorced in 1966. Bernie is quoted saying this was a “Mexican divorce” according to what his spokesman Michael Briggs told Politico reporter Michael Kruse, who wrote, “Bernie Sanders Has a Secret: Vermont, his son and the hungry early years that made him the surging socialist he is today.” What those millennial stoner slackers do not know is that Hillary did not hide out during the sixties revolution. She broke through glass ceilings and demanded equal rights for women from the day she graduated from high school in Illinois, and enrolled Wellesley College near Boston. one of the Ivy League Seven Sisters, a historically all-women’s college because women were not allowed to enroll in Ivy League colleges like Harvard. Columbia University, or Dartmouth. Hillary went on to crash through many glass ceilings. New York voters in 2000, including me, elected Hillary as the first woman U.S. Senator representing the state of New York, and she was the first First Lady elected to public office. Along with 3,562,415 other New York Democrats, 82,801 Liberals, 102,094 Working Family voters, I voted for Hillary for the U.S. Senate that year. The week of my 50th birthday in August 2001, I went back to college to earn my Journalism degree. I wanted to major in journalism when I was 18 in 1969, but my parents made the mistake of sending me to a male career counselor who gave me meaningless multiple guess tests, and he decided my grammar scores were not good enough for me to get a journalism degree, besides, he told me, women were not journalists. I majored in Anthropology instead, writing 25-page research papers earning A+ grades on them all, and graduating with honors with my B.A. and my M.A. I also graduated with honors from State University of New York New Paltz with my journalism degree in 2004. Fourteen days after my 50th birthday, six terrorists hijacked airplanes on Sept. 11, crashing two into the World Trade Center, one into the Pentagon, and courageous passengers on the airplane terrorists intended to crash into the White House stopped them, and that plane crashed in a field in Pennsylvania. Sen. Clinton went to the World Trade Center site and then she began working with the Wall Street corporations to help their employees. She worked with the New York City government to help all New Yorkers. Sen. Clinton (D-N.Y.) sponsored S.1622 on Nov. 1, 2011: A bill to extend the period of availability of unemployment assistance under the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act in the case of victims of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. On March 25, 2002 the House of Representatives voted for that law. Sen. Clinton cosponsored Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) S.1602 — September 11th Victim Compensation Fund Extension Act of 2003. Sen. Clinton cosponsored Sen. Jon Corzine (D-N.J.) S.2214–1993 World Trade Center Victims Compensation Act. While Bernie uses the typical penis politics put down against a woman, claiming that Hillary Rodham Clinton, the first woman elected to the United States Senate twice by New York voters, does not have the judgment to be a president, because along with Democrats Sen. Chuck Schumer, Rep. Steve Israel, Rep. Gary Ackerman, Rep. Joe Crowly .Rep. Eliot Engel, and Rep. Michael Nulty, she voted for the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq in 2002, us New Yorkers had the good judgment to re-elect Sen. Clinton in 2006. I voted for her again along with 2,698,931 Democrats, 160,705 Independents and 148,792 Working Family voters in New York State. While another Wellesley College alumni, Madeline Albright, was the first woman Secretary of State, appointed by President Bill Clinton, Hillary was the third woman appointed Secretary of State. The year before Bernie’s wife kicked him to the curb, in 1965 Hillary started her first year in Wellesley College where, as she told Chris Matthews on MSNBC, she was in the Republican club for two months and then changed to the Democrats Club, because President Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ) signed the Civil Rights Act in 1964 and the Voting Rights Act in 1965. She believed LBJ was not a racist. What she might not have known is all southern Democrats and some northern Democrats voted against both of those racial equality laws. Obviously way too many BernOuts do not know that either. Hillary led the feminist revolution in Wellesley College from 1965 to 1969, while Bernie was doing nothing in Vermont. Those BernOuts should read the book “Living History” Hillary wrote in 2003, two years after she was the first woman elected to the United States Senate by voters in New York State. If they bothered to read the autobiographic history of her political life, they would know that Hillary started her human rights evolution when she was 14, in 1961. Her family went to a Methodist Church, and the youth pastor, Rev. Donald Jones, started taking her Sunday school class to see life outside of the all-white, all Republican Chicago suburb where she lived with her parents. The pastor took them to the south side of Chicago to meet with African-American students to learn what life was like outside of upper middle class suburbs. Also when she was 14, she went to the fields where the migrant workers harvested crops and took care of their younger children while they worked. My education about human rights started almost from my birth, as my grandparents and my parents were radical socialist Jews, who taught me that there was no difference between racist Republicans and racist Democrat politicians in the 1950s and 1960s, and the taught me to never trust any politicians b what they say but to check their records. While Hillary went to Methodist Church youth classes on Sundays when she was 14 in 1961, I went to Socialist Jewish Workmen’s Circle school on Saturday where I learned the Jewish bible according to Marx, when I was 10. We were taught that Moses was a radical revolutionary wo did not believe in a god but just told the Jews enslaved in Egypt he talked a god to get them out of Egypt. We were told that when Moses left Egypt after he killed a man, he lived with a tribe in Africa, where he learned to be a shaman and that was how he turned a staff into a snake. We were told that all those years living in the desert, Moses understood how the moon controlled the tides and that was how he knew when the Red Sea would part, and he knew about cycles of floods, and locusts. We were told that while religion is the opiate of the people, we are Jews because we can trace our heritage back to Judea. While grandmother prepared a Kosher for Passover seder, and we read the Haggadah and asked the four questions in English and Yiddish, after we found the Afikoman and he gave us our Passover gelt, my grandfather would talk to us, and remind us of our heritage and how our people were survivors of survivors of survivors. That was what was going on in my socialist Jewish family. While Hillary was in high school in 1962, the Methodist pastor took her class to hear Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. speak, and after he talked about “Remaining Awake through the Revolution,” she and her class met Dr. King and talked to him. Hillary wrote, “Dr. King’s words illuminated the struggle taking place and challenged our indifference” and her “eyes were opening.” Hillary was learning about racist America the same way Bernie was, and the same way I did when I lived in racist New Rochelle, N.Y., where my family moved from the Bronx when I was 6-years-old, where I went to the racially segregated all white Davis Elementary School in 1957. Most Jewish WWII veterans who were able to buy homes from their GI benefits moved from their mostly Jewish neighborhoods in the Bronx to mostly Jewish neighborhoods in the suburbs, too, including our newly opened neighborhoods in the north end of New Rochelle. The property my parents bought was originally owned by William Ward, who owned farm land in the north end of town, and he willed the property to the City of New Rochelle with one requirement: Never let Jews buy any property there. Fortunately his daughter disagreed, and allowed builders to sell homes to Jews. When William B. Ward elementary school opened in 1959, I was in the first class there, where mostly Jewish students went, and where the racist school policy still segregated African-American students in the falling apart Lincoln School. New Rochelle was where Carl Reiner lived, too, and where he had Rob and Laura Petrie live in the Dick Van Dyke Show, in a house in the Davis school neighborhood on Bonny Meadow Lane. I doubt those millennial BernOuts know who the radical community organizer Saul Alinsky was or that Hillary met him in 1968, and wrote her Wellesley College senior thesis on Saul Alinsky or that he offered her a job. They should read her thesis, and also read Reveille for Radicals and Rules for Radicals, Alinsky’s manual for activists on how to agitate, educate and organize for social justice. Alinsky graduated from the University of Chicago in 1932, exactly 32 years before Bernie graduated, and before Bernietransferred to Chicago from Brooklyn College in 1961, Alinsky organized the Temporary Woodlawn Organization protesting racist housing segregation in Democrat-run Chicago, and the University of Chicago. When Bernie showed up, civil rights activists had been demanding an end to the racism in Chicago for years. He just tagged along and is now pretending he led something, when he just happened to be there in the middle of that something, that continued after he dropped out of the revolution. I know who Saul Alinsky was because I learned about his rules for radicals when I worked as an ACORN organizer (before they were infamous) in Arkansas in 1980, Memphis, Tenn. in 1981, and New Orleans, La. in 1982, where we used the methods Alinsky developed in the 1950s and 1960s organizing for equal rights for all working middle class and working poor in the still racially segregated neighbors in those states. The photo of Bernie standing in the sit-in was part of the Alinsky-organized protest against the continuing University of Chicago racist housing segregation policy, where white and black students were not allowed to rent university apartments together. Bernie does not want to talk about the mistake he made when he trusted the college administration and ended the sit-in, and without negotiating anything. The racist housing policy in the University of Chicago continued, long after Bernie took off for Vermont. Instead of actually doing the job of a real organizer, and not backing down before negotiations begin, he made the mistake of letting the racist administration talk him into ending the sit-in promising to negotiate an end to their racist policies. Instead, they did nothing, and Bernie flunked out, took a year off (in 1962) but remained in Chicago. Bernie returned to college in 1963, and was arrested in August 1963 on orders of the Democrat Mayor Richard Daley, when once again he tagged along in a protest against “Willis Wagons, where Chicago superintendent of schools, and Democrat Mayor Daley appointee Benjamin Willis refused to follow federal court orders to desegregate the schools, and instead forced all the African-American children into trailers — called “Willis Wagons”. When parents, civil rights activists and college students protested this blatant racism, Democrat Mayor Daley made sure he did not go against the Democrats who voted for him, and ordered the Chicago police to arrest the protestors. Bernie was one of thousands of people arrested as he joined actual Chicago civil rights activists and students. He did not lead anything, he was just there, and was arrested for allegedly resisting arrest. While the BernOuts continue their Hillary was a Goldwater Girl, as if Barry Goldwater (R-Ariz.) was worse than the racist war monger Vice President Johnson (D-Texas), they have no clue who LBJ was, but I know that he was a Dixiecrat, a Southern racist Democrat. Since the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 passed, and President Johnson signed those laws (which have since been gutted and did not change anything for African-Americans), Hillary thought that this racist president was not a racist. She soon found out the truth about him, even after she changed from the Republican to the Democratic Party when she was 18, in 1965, after she started college in Wellesley. By the time she graduated, she found out that in fact Johnson was a war monger and a blatant racist. Those FeelTheBernOuts have no idea that the only reason presidential candidate Sen. John Kennedy (D-Mass.) asked Sen. Lyndon Johnson (D-Texas) to be his vice president was so he could get the southern racist Dixiecrat votes. Those Bern Outs do not know that when 200,000 protesters Marched for Jobs and Freedom in Washington D.C., on my 12th birthday, Aug. 28, 1963, they demanded the racist Democratic governors in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia,Mississippi, and Louisiana, and all across the southern, and way too many northern and western states, end their violentsegregation today, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever attacks against African-Americans, protesting against Jim Crow laws and demanding an end to voting rights discrimination. I remember watching Dr. King’s “I have a dream” speech on television on my birthday, and thinking that I had a dream that one day no one would judge anyone for any reason. I still have that dream. My parents brought me home from the socialist Jewish Workmen’s Circle sleep-away summer Camp Kinder Ring a few days before my 12th birthday and the Civil Rights March for Jobs and Freedom. The Workmen’s Circle today still stands for what that organization always stood for, “At the Workmen’s Circle, Jewish identity is not defined by or confined to religious beliefs. For us, identity and belonging are found in our heritage, values, ideals, language, cultural traditions and celebrations. We have been cultivating a proudly progressive, diverse and inclusive community rooted in Jewish culture and social action for more than a century.” The Jewish socialist Workmen’s Circle activists continue to do what our parents and grandparents always did: “Historically, the Workmen’s Circle raised a crucial voice in the struggles of American labor; today we work fiercely to remain a bulwark in the fight for the dignity and economic rights of immigrants, fairness in labor practices, decent health care for all Americans, in short, for the very promises that brought our organization’s founders to this nation in the first place.” My grandparents and my parents lived the Workman’s Circle values, “Pursuit of social and economic justice: We believe that we have a responsibility for our greater society. Pursuing equality, fighting for human dignity, and making the world a fairer place for all is built into our personal and organizational identity.” My socialist Jewish father, son of Hungarian Jewish immigrants, fought in the United States Army against the Nazis, along with his older and younger brother. When he and his brothers returned to the United States after WWII, they started a very successful wholesale textile business. They were not anti-capitalists at all, but believed in the American Dream, just as their parents did. My grandfather also ran a successful business in New York until he died of a heart attack when he was 52. My father and my uncles’ business was very successful, supporting three families, eight children, most of us went to private colleges, and we all lived upper middle class lives in New Rochelle and in Elmont, N.Y. My father and my uncles made sure that their employees were in the United Textile Workers Union, and when that union went on strike in New York, my father and his brothers took over their work, loading trucks with fabric shipped to furniture factories and retail stores, including Macy’s. A week before my father died on June 7, 1973, one of the employees punched him in the face to stop him from loading a truck with bolts of textile materials that the brothers were going to deliver to their customers. A week later my father dropped dead from a heart attack. After his death, the rest of his employees continued working for Townhill Fabrics,Inc., and the employee who assaulted him, possibly causing his death, left. My was father was 57 when he died, two weeks after I graduated from Boston University and 11 weeks before my 22ndbirthday. This year June 7 will be the last day of presidential primaries, 43 year after my father died. Before he died, my dad was working on getting Townhill Fabrics, Inc. on the stock market as a publicly traded company because he did not think capitalism was evil or morally corrupt. My parents were children during the Depression so they experienced the problems of living in poverty but they did not let their childhood experiences stop their ambition to live the American dream. My father worked for a better life for himself and our family. My parents invested in the stock market, my mother and her friends formed a stock market club where they met monthly, analyzed the current stock market trends and invested in the what they thought were best stocks. This was in the mid-1960s when the women’s rights revolution was taking off, another revolution Bernie missed in his off the grid sugar shack in Vermont. Hearing what Bernie is saying now over and over and over again about Goldman Sachs Jewish CEO Lloyd Blankfein, I hear my father’s voice telling me that Jewish socialism is not about hating the Jewish banker. The Jewish Daily Forward (originally the Yiddish Daily Forverts) was started as a Workmen’s Circle newspaper, written in Yiddish, and my grandparents read that newspaper every day. This article, “Goldman Sachs CEO Credits Rabbi and Jewish Organizations for His Success,” is about why Jewish Americans should be proud that a man who also grew up poor living in a Jewish public housing project in Brooklyn, and was able to live the American dream. While Bernie hid out in Vermont doing nothing, Lloyd earned his law degree in Harvard University. and instead of kvetching about being poor he took charge of his own life and moved forward instead of depressingly dwelling in the past. I wonder if Bernie thinks that Lloyd Blankfein does not bleed when he is pricked. Here Bernie goes again targeting the Jewish banker repeating that Shylock defamation used for centuries by Christians to attack Jews. While Bernie claims that Wall Street bankers are evil, and he perpetuates the Jew bashing slander that Jewish bankers are corrupt which is why he only attacks Goldman Sachs Jewish CEO Lloyd Blankfein, in fact, Bernie does not think profiting off these Wall Street banks is evil, which is why he invests his establishment career politician paycheck in Wall Street investment firms. Open Secrets posted the latest earnings report from the Sanders family, Bernie hides his assets under his wife’s name. While Bernie claims he is against “Wall Street” he also invests in Wall Street since his establishment career politician taxpayer 165,000 plus a year U.S. Senate salary profits from the investments with VALIC — The Variable Annuity Life Insurance Company — earning income from the Asset Allocation Fund, Aggressive Growth Lifestyle Fund, as well as Science and Technology funds, International Equity funds and other investment offerings where their profits are from Goldman Sachs, global banks, fossil fuel companies, private prison corporations, defense contractors, health insurance corporations that Bernie wants to shut down, and Big Pharma. Bernie’s taxpayer paid for paycheck is also invested in Vanguard, where his investment earns money from all the corporations Bernie pretends to hate and accuses Hillary Clinton and all Democrats in Congress of influencing their decisions. Talk about being morally corrupt and totally hypocritical #BernOut. His current wife retired from her college teaching job, and she invests her pension in TIAA/CREF, where her pensions earns money from all those Wall Street multinational corporations Bernie calls morally corrupt. I hear my father warning me about not trusting any politician who wants to shut down health insurance companies firing millions of workers, and letting governors decide how much to pay doctors, and bidding down health care to the lowest bidder, I hear my father warning me about racist politicians who want to build trade walls against Mexico and China. How odd that Bernie is not against free trade with Canada or countries in Europe only the evil Mexicans and Chinese. Bernie told the Daily News editorial board on April 4, that he agrees with Republican presidential candidate racist xenophobe fuhrer wannabe SchlongedUp Donald Trump on China and NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement). My grandfather would have long discussions with me about my Jewish heritage, socialism, and politics. Whenever I went to visit my grandparents in their apartment in the Bronx, my grandpa would sit with me in the living room and start talking to me his political beliefs, and how he was an activist in his teens in Kiev risking his life to protest the Czar, and handing out socialist brochures to the bourgeoisie. He and his older brother might have had to get out of Kiev before they were arrested for their radical revolutionary activism, and one family story is that was why he left Kiev and emigrated to the United States. I hear my father and my grandfather warning me about self-loathing JudenRats who are against Israeli Jews, and want to let Hamas terrorists get away with killing Israeli Jews, and letting dictators order armies to kill their own people, or isolating the United States from the rest of the world. My Socialist Jewish grandparents escaped pogroms in Czarist Russia in the early 1900s: my grandmother emigrated from the shtetl Ilya in Belarus and my grandfather from Kiev. They met in New York City when they were teenagers, fell in love and married. They joined the Socialist Jewish Workmen’s Circle organization when they were in their early 20s. They bought a co-op apartment in the Bronx, N.Y. in 1919. My grandfather died in 1973, six months before my father died. My grandmother continued living in the two-bedroom co-op with my aunt until 1976 when my grandmother died. My grandfather was also one of the early International Ladies Garment Workers Union activists. When he and his brother opened a tailor shop, they made sure that the workers were ILGWU members. My socialist grandparents aspired to live the American Dream, too. Their employees sewed coats for the department stores that Jewish immigrants opened in the 1930s. My grandfather read, wrote and spoke Russian, Ukranian, Hebrew, Yiddish and English. Both my grandfather and my father warned me many times that in my lifetime a Nazi would run for president of the United States and could be elected. When I wrote that on Facebook, fuhrer wannabe SchlongedUpTrump fascists attacked my grandfather and my father, calling them stupid, and fucked up, and ignorant, among the rest of the slurs those fascists spew at anyone who does not goosestep in Herr Trump’s Gestapo. My socialist Jewish father made sure that I understood what was going on politically, including that civil rights protesters were also demanding an end to racist segregation in northern states, including New Rochelle, N.Y., where my family moved from the Bronx in 1957. That New York City suburb was the first northern school district ordered by the United States Supreme Court to end segregation in the schools. The week after my 12th birthday and the 1963 Civil Rights March for Jobs and Freedom in Washington, D.C., the New Rochelle school board was still fighting that U.S. Supreme Court order, refusing to integrate the schools, including the new Albert Leonard Junior High School, where I started 7th grade. Just as southern states were run by Democrat and Republican racists, so were northern states, the Jim Crow laws were still in place nationwide. Chicago Mayor Daley was one of the most vicious, racist Democrats in the north, the equivalent of the southern racist governors like George Wallace. There was no difference between the Democrats and the Republicans in the 1960s. I doubt those Bern Outs get that Democratic Party President Lyndon Johnson was as racist as Barry Goldwater. Those millennials Bernie Brats have no idea how racist John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Robert Francis Kennedy and Lyndon Baines Johnson were or they would not think that Barry Goldwater was a better choice for president but they need to know the history, the history that was not just a couple of paragraphs in a high school history book, but the history I lived, the same history Hillary Rodham and Bernie Sanders lived. I learned about the racism in the United States from my father in the 1950s, 1960s and until he died in 1973, when I was still protesting the illegal invasion of Vietnam. The BernieBots do not know that President Kennedy had no intention of ending the racist laws in the United States, as he did not want to lose the Dixiecrat votes. While Bernie was still in college he was also a member of the Student Peace Union, protesting Kennedy’s Cuban cold war, illegal invasion of Vietnam, and threats to start drafting our generation of men to fight his commie hunting battles for him. My father made sure I knew the truth about the Kennedys. He suggested that I write a term paper on the Army-McCarthy hearings when I was in 10th grade for my American History class. My dad took me to the New York City Public Library, and taught me how to find primary sources from magazines and newspapers. My dad wanted me to see pictures of Robert Kennedy sitting at the table with that racist, Jew basher Sen. Joseph McCarthy (R-Minn.). Public Broadcasting Station (PBS) American Experience program about the history of RFK explained that McCarthy, “vacationed with the clan on Cape Cod, and even dated two Kennedy sisters, Pat and Jean. When Bobby needed a job in 1952, after working on his brother Jack’s successful Senate campaign, his father Joe Kennedy picked up the phone. By January, the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations had a new lawyer.” I know that the millennial BernOuts have no idea that President Kennedy and his brother and Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy went along with racist FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover illegally wiretapping Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and all civil rights leaders. They probably have no clue that JFK accused Dr. King and other civil rights activists of being communists, though I am sure Bernie knows that, too. I know Bernie knows President Kennedy hated communists, since he said so when he defended Cuban dictator Fidel Castro during the CNN/Univision March 9 debate in n Miami, Fla. I doubt the Bernout Bros knew what he was talking about. Those Bernout Bros do not know that JFK hated communists so much he almost started WWIII with the Cuban missile crisis. That’s what Bernie was talking about in when he claimed that getting rid of all dictators is a bad idea, especially in Latin America and in the Middle East. I know those stoner slacker BernOuts do not have a clue what duck and cover is about, or that we had to hide under our desks or face a wall with our backs to windows, waiting for the Russians to nuke us from Cuba. They have no idea that every month or so there would be an air raid drill, and the principal would announce over the public address system, “DUCK AND COVER EVERYONE.” We would hide under our school desk, as if doing that would stop nuclear flames from coming through the plate glass windows lining the classroom. We stopped ducking and covering in New Rochelle High School after the air raid siren went off, and my cousin (my father’s older brother’s son), ran from room to room yelling, “do not duck and cover stay in your seats). I remember being so surprised to see him but we all listened to what he said, and we stayed seated. This was in 1965. The next few air raid drills, my cousin repeated his action again running around the school stopping us from following orders. Eventually the ridiculous air raids stopped and we did not have to duck or cover any more. Civil rights activists continued demanding the end to racism in Democrat run southern and northern states, and northern and southern Democrats continued to arrest protesters all over the United States. Liberal Democrats, including my father, pressured the Kennedy administration to end racist apartheid, but JFK was afraid of the Dixiecrats in Congress and governors’ mansions in the south, and he was afraid of FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover. JFK did not want to risk losing the southern racist vote in the next presidential election coming up in 1964. Unfortunately on Nov. 22, 1963, assassins killed President Kennedy. I was walking down the Albert Leonard Junior High School hallway that afternoon when the principal announced over the loudspeaker that all students needed to go to a classroom, and I remember seeing people crying. I walked past two boys punching each other, while one boy cried, “President Kennedy was killed,” and the other boy screamed, “LIAR” and continuously punching the other boy. I remember quickly getting into a classroom. I remember everyone in the classroom I went to sitting silently sobbing when the principal told us that President Kennedy had been killed. I do not remember how I got home, probably on the school bus. I remember my mother crying when I went home. Even my father, who did not like the Kennedys, cried. My family spent the week watching the continuous news on TV and I witnessed the first funeral I had ever seen, watching John John salute, and American flag draped casket rolling behind the horses, and the riderless horse, and the cadence of the continuous drum beat on on the way to Arlington Cemetery. I felt frightened and confused since I could not understand what happened or why. I watched on our black and white television when Jack Ruby seemed to be the man who killed Lee Harvey Oswald. I know that at 12 years old I really did not understand what I was watching, and even now 53 years later, every time I see a video of the gun flash and Oswald dropping, the truth of what happened and why still make no sense to me. I still have no idea who killed President Kennedy. My father tried to explain what was going on but he never did understand why or who killed President Kennedy. The BernOuts think that there was a difference between the Democrats and the Republicans but I know there was no difference. Some of the Bernie Bros try to tell me that the racist Johnson was not a racist, but I know better since I know why the Civil Rights Act of 1964 passed. During Freedom Summer, which Bernie missed, the “Mississippi Council of Federated Organizations, led by the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE), included the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), and the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), thousands of college students from northern states went to Mississippi to help African-Americans register to vote,” explained the CORE web page historians. While Bernie was the chairman of the University of Chicago CORE social action committee, for a couple of months, before he flunked out, protesting the racist Democratic Mayor Daley’s housing and school segregation policies, he had nothing to do with Freedom Summer, since after he graduated from college, he hid out in Vermont. While actual activists continued demanding an end to racism, Bernie was not doing anything. September 1964, Bernie married his first wife, and took a long honeymoon through Europe and then to an Israeli communist kibbutz, according to what his brother Larry told Washington Post reporters William Booth and Frances Stead Sellers. He returned to the United States and hid out in Vermont while the actual revolution was happening. CORE activists remember that during that 1964 Freedom Summer, “37 black churches and 30 black homes and businesses were firebombed or burned during that summer, and the cases often went unsolved. More than 1000 black and white volunteers were arrested, and at least 80 were beaten by white mobs or racist police officers.” The real activists included African-American and Caucasian-American students from the northern states who went to the southern Dixiecrat states to help African-Americans register to vote. Ridiculous questions were asked in the voter registrars offices and exorbitant poll taxes were required only for black people to vote. To stop this unconstitutional nonsense, the Freedom Summer students went to every town in all the southern states run by Democrats to stop this fascism. The Dixiecrats/KKK arrested these students to stop them. During Freedom Summer, also arrested were two Jewish activists, Michael Schwerner and Andrew Goodman, and African-American activist James Chaney, who went to Philadelphia, Miss, where, as CORE historians wrote, they, “set out to investigate a church bombing near Philadelphia, Mississippi, but were arrested that afternoon and held for several hours on alleged traffic violations. Their release from jail was the last time they were seen alive before their badly decomposed bodies were discovered under a nearby dam six weeks later. Goodman and Schwerner had died from single gunshot wounds to the chest, and Chaney from a savage beating.” Michael was 24 year younger than my father, they were both born on Nov. 6, my father in 1915 and Michael in 1939. The parents of the civil rights workers reported them missing on June 21, 1964, including Michael’s mother Anne who taught biology in New Rochelle High School. Democratic President Johnson refused to meet with the parents, worried that if he met with them then he would have to meet with the parents of all civil rights activists arrested, missing or killed. Jewish families in New York, including my parents, pressured Attorney General Robert Kennedy and FBI director, racist J. Edgar Hoover, to investigate. African-American and Jewish-Americans pressured Congress to pass the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and on June 19, 1964, U.S. Senate voted for the Civil Rights Act of 1964, while 152 Democrats voted for the law, 21 southern Democrats voted against the law; 27 Republicans voted yea and 6 voted nay. July 2 a total of 91 Southern Democrats Representatives voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964 while only 35 Republicans voted no, and 136 Republicans voted for the law, as did 152 mostly Northern Democrats. Northern Jews, including my family, also pressured President Johnson to sign the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which he did on July 2, 1964, FBI agents found James Chaney, Michael Schwerner and Andrew Goodman on Aug. 4, in an earthen dam on Olen Barrage’s Old Jolly Farm in Mississippi. The Southern Senate and House Democrats who voted against that civil rights law did not care about 20-year-old African-American activist James Cheney, and of course they did not care about the Jews Schwnerner or Goodman. So for those Bernie Bros to claim that Sen. Goldwater was worse than the racist Dixiecrat senators and representatives insults the memory of the civil rights activists killed by Mississippi Democrats. They insult the Freedom Summer activists who risked their lives in the Dixiecrat south, getting beaten, and imprisoned fighting to stop the southern Democrat racism. The Democratic Party Presidential Convention started on Aug. 24 and ended the day before my 13th birthday, Aug. 27, which was LBJ’s 56th birthday. The Freedom Summer activists included the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, described in the King Encylopediaas, “the only democratically constituted body of Mississippi citizens.” Three weeks after President Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, he refused to allow the presidential delegates from the African-American Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party to be seated during the Democratic National Convention as full delegates, but only as “at large” delegates. Stanford University King Encyclopedia authors wrote, “President Lyndon Johnson, however, was fearful of losing white southern votes if the MFDP delegates were seated, and advocated a compromise. The credentials committee of the DNC offered to award the MFDP two at-large seats, to seat members of the all-white delegation who would formally promise to support the DNC’s candidates in the upcoming elections (rather than campaign for Republican Barry Goldwater), and to bar segregated delegations from the 1964 convention.” Most of the Mississippi white delegates left the DNC convention and the MFDP delegates were given passes from delegates from other states to take those seats, but instead of being able to sit in the vacated seats, Democrats removed those chairs, and the African-American activists “stood and sang freedom songs.” The Civil Rights Act of 1964 did not end the racism in the Democratic run south or north, and the protests continued throughout the 1960s, while Bernie was hiding and Hillary and I were protesting along with hundreds of thousands of our generation of students, black and brown and white. Bernie was not in Selma, Ala. on March 7, 1965 when 600 civil rights activists walked across the Edmund Pettus Bridge, to demand the right to vote and protest the murder of Jimmie Lee Johnson, killed in cold blood by Alabama state troopers. That day is called Bloody Sunday. The bridge to Selma was named for Sen. Edmund Pettus (D-Ala. 1897–1907). Smithsonian reporter Errin Whack explained was, “a decorated Confederate general and a leader in the Alabama Ku Klux Klan.” When the activists crossed the bridge, Selma police attacked them. Rep. Lewis (D-Ga.) wrote about what happened to him that day, “One minute and five seconds after a two-minute warning was announced, the troops advanced, wielding clubs, bullwhips, and tear gas. John Lewis, who suffered a skull fracture, was one of fifty-eight people treated for injuries at the local hospital. The day is remembered in history as ‘Bloody Sunday.’ ” Since Bernie was in living on a kibbutz in Israel, according to what his brother Larry told Washington Post reporters William Booth and Frances Stead Sellers, he might have missed Bloody Sunday, but I remember watching the news about the Selma, Ala police attacking the civil rights activists who were marching for the right to vote in Alabama. Library of Congress published this, “When ABC television interrupted a Nazi war crimes documentary, Judgement in Nuremberg, to show footage of violence in Selma a powerful metaphor was presented to the nation. Within forty-eight hours, demonstrations in support of the marchers were held in eighty cities and thousands of religious and lay leaders, including Dr. Martin Luther King, flew to Selma. On March 9, Dr. King led a group again to the Pettus Bridge where they knelt, prayed, and, to the consternation of some, returned to Brown Chapel. That night a Northern minister, who was in Selma to march, was killed by white vigilantes.” Bernie had NOTHING to do with this, and Hillary was still in high school and I was still in junior high in March 1965. Six months after that pogrom by the Selma Copstapo against African-American protesters, the Voting Rights Act of 1965 was finally signed by President Johnson, because when we watched that attack against peaceful protesters shown on the nightly news, northern liberal Democrats, including my father and his brothers and their wives, demanded that Congress pass the Voting Rights Acts and pressured President Johnson to sign it. I know the BernOuts do not know that 16 Southern Democrat Senators voted against the Voting Rights Act of 1965, and62 Southern Democrat Representatives voted against that law, too. The Civil Rights and the Voting Rights Acts did not change the racism in the United States, and the revolution for equality continued after I started high school, Hillary started college, and Bernie was back in the United States hiding out in Vermont. After Bernie returned to the United States in the autumn of 1965 spending some time in New York doing mostly nothing and then moving full time to the middle of the middle of nowhere Vermont, Hillary enrolled in Wellesley College and I started New Rochelle High School. New Rochelle schools were now racially integrated but were still as racist as ever. New Rochelle High School administrators decided that the white upper and middle class Christians and all the Jewish students were automatically enrolled in the college prep tract. Only upper middle class and middle class African-Americans were allowed in the college tract classes. Italian and Irish working class boys were in trade classes like car mechanics and the girls were in cosmetology or secretarial classes. Students who did not fit into the racist administrators’ bigoted scheme were in general classes where they learned nothing and graduated with no job skills told for 18 year that they would never amount to anything. I remember one of my African-American friends, who was in the college prep tract with me, telling me that our guidance counselor told her not to apply to college since all she was going to be able to do was clean white people’s houses. That same racist Christian guidance counselor told me I had to go to college since all Jews went to college. My family and my friends protested the racist government and the war hawk President Johnson. My father hated Lyndon B. Johnson. Bernie’s civil rights activism ended when he graduated from college in 1964. Bernie did not get involved in the protests against the illegal invasion of Vietnam during the Johnson administration either, because by the time that revolution was in full blast by my generation, Bernie was still in his poverty is purity phase in the Vermont woods. I know those BernOuts do not know that President Kennedy began the illegal invasion of Vietnam sending 16,000 American troops (calling then advisors) to start killing innocent Vietnamese, in his relentless attacks against “communists”. Four days after President Kennedy was murdered, newly appointed President Johnson continued the escalation of the illegal Vietnam invasion and invaded Cambodia and Laos, signing National Security Action Memorandum No. 273. Before my 13th birthday, LBJ made up the lie about a U.S. war ship being attacked by North Vietnamese in the Gulf of Tonkin, and used that lie to escalate the illegal invasion to more than 189,000 troops by March 1965 and to more than 380,000 by 1966, and by 1968 Johnson forced more than 500,000 of my generation of men to kill innocent Vietnamese women and children, and die in the jungles of Vietnam, or come home with their bodies and minds broken. While there are no links to prove this, I believe that Bernie took off to Europe after college to dodge that illegal draft. Bernie was against that illegal invasion, too, which is why he tried but failed to get conscientious objector status. He joined the Students for Peace for the two years he was in the University of Chicago. Most of the men and women of my generation were all against that racist illegal invasion, and many men did what they had to do to dodge that illegal draft. Bill Clinton was able to get college deferments and he went to England as Rhodes Scholar in Oxford, where he also protested that terrible war. Even Mitt Romney, Donald Trump and Newt Gingrich dodged that unconstitutional draft, along with thousands of draft-age men, who either got college deferments, faked injuries, claimed a religious exemption or moved to Canada. The men drafted by President Johnson were mostly poor white and African-American and Latino-Americans who did not go to college. They were sent to fight that racist war, where Vietnamese people were called the derogatory slur “gooks”. Bernie was already hiding out in Vermont when activists in that once peaceful antiwar nationwide organization decided that since nonviolence was not working, violent revolution was the only way to go, and students organized the Students for a Democratic Society. Feel The Bern Outs also attack my father and my grandfather when I tell them that Bernie is NOT a Socialist at all but he is an anti-capitalist, which is NOT Jewish socialism. Jewish socialism is about the rights of workers to unionize, and the rights of women, and knowing that Black Lives Matter, and supporting unconditional LGBTQ equality (not some states’ rights nonsense that is a throwback to the racist democrats states right to discriminate), While Bernie was honeymooning in a communist Israeli kibbutz in 1965, I started my first year in the racist New Rochelle High School, and wrote my American History term paper on the McCarthy commie hunting hearings. While Hillary started her second year in Wellesley in 1966, and I started 11th grade in the still racist New Rochelle High School, Bernie was doing nothing in Vermont. My father’s oldest brother, my Uncle Milton, was very active in the Westchester County Democratic Party, and he was on the executive committee. He called our house one day and asked to speak to me. He invited me to a special meeting of the Democratic Party where the civil rights leader, Julian Bond, was going to speak. Mr. Bond was one of the activists who started the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) and was one of the leaders of the voter registration drives in Georgia. Mr. Bond won a seat on the Georgia House of Representatives, after the Voting Rights Act of 1965 passed, but the white Democrats refused to swear him in, and he sued them. The U.S. Supreme Court ordered those racist Dixiecrats to seat Mr. Bond. My uncle drove me to the meeting hall, and I listened to what Mr. Bond said about the need for all people, black and white, to join together to make sure that everyone worked to end racism. After he finished speaking and was meeting people in the auditorium, my uncle took my hand and walked me over to where Mr. Bond was standing and talking to other people. My uncle told me, “I want to introduce you to Mr. Bond, you really need to meet him.” My uncle introduced us, and Mr. Bond took my hand in both of his hands, looked into my eyes and smiled, and told me he was glad to meet me, and I told him I was honored to meet him. Mr. Bond went on to lead the civil rights revolution in the United States. I believe hearing him inspired me to become even more active in working for human rights. I had the opportunity to “meet” Mr. Bond again when he joined Facebook and he accepted my friend request. I told him about how I remembered meeting him and how he shook my hand and smiled. I continued to talk to him on Facebook and when he died, I cried for his loss and for his family. Mr. Bond knew that the Democrats in the northern and southern states were as racist as the Republicans, and along with all the other civil rights activists, black and white, they started fighting the Democrats John and Robert Kennedy, and Lyndon Johnson. My father took me to Washington, D.C. on Oct, 21, 1967 to protest that illegal invasion of Vietnam. We walked from the car to a street leading to where the line of protesters waited to start the march. My father was far sighted, in many ways. He told me to wait a second, and he walked up to some police officer. I saw him point across the street to the line of demonstrators. He returned to me, took my hand, and the police led us down the street and across to where everyone was standing. Standing there were my Uncle Milton, and my father’s two younger brothers, their wives, and all of my cousins, and we marched together as a family against Johnson’s illegal invasion of Vietnam. More than 200,000 Americans chanted as we marched: HEY HEY LBJ HOW MANY KIDS HAVE YOU KILLED TODAY What was Bernie doing? Not a fucking thing. While Hillary was not marching with us then, she was protesting the illegal invasion of Vietnam with students in Boston. And yet those 20-somethings Bern Out Brats insist that LBJ was a better choice than Barry Goldwater, and I have never seen Bernie correct them,when he knows that the war hawk Johnson destroyed our generation of young men and women with that dirty racist illegal invasion. United States troops burnt the Vietnamese people with napalm and poisoned them with Agent Orange. Today Bernie talks about how is against corporations in the United States opening factories in Vietnam, since he does not think that Vietnamese people have a right to be part of the global economy. Maybe if he had actually protested that illegal invasion of Vietnam, he might care about the Vietnamese people who just want to work to feed, house and clothe their families. Sen Sanders (I-Vt.) is so confused he can’t decide is he is for controlling how every government works or just isolating the United States from every country and give dictators free reign. While Bernie did nothing to protest that illegal war, most weekends in 1967 and 1968, my friends and I would take the train from New Rochelle to Grand Central Station in New York City, and march with high school and college students and Women’s Strike for Peace, and Students for a Democratic Society against that illegal invasion of Vietnam. Cities across the United States were engulfed in the flames of a REAL REVOLUTION against racism, and against the illegal invasion of Vietnam, and the revolution was on the nightly news, but since Bernie lived in a shack in the woods of Vermont with no electricity he missed the first televised revolution. Bernie says “FEEL THE BERN” while in the 1960s we were yelling BURN BABY BURN as my generation burned down slums and racist college administrators offices, and men burned their draft cards in protest of that illegal invasion of Vietnam. By 1967 when not much had changed, even after the Voting Rights Act of 1965 became law, across the United States from New York to Detroit, to Chicago, to Watts in Los Angeles were hot spots for violent revolution, known now as the “Long Hot Summer of 1967” Malcolm McLaughlin, a professor in School of American Studies, wrote about that summer. “By September, almost 170 cities in 34 states and the District of Columbia had experienced an uprising of some sort and almost 40 communities had more than one…In more than a dozen states, governors had to call out the National Guard: Alabama, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee and Wisconsin.” We watched the uprisings on TV every night while we ate dinner at 6:00 p.m., and even British television news showed cities in the United States burning and National Guard attacking African-Americans White male reporters coverage was blatantly racist. Three years after the Civil Rights Act passed and two years after the Voting Rights Act passed, racism was still as rampant as ever but not only in the southern states but in northern cities including Newark, Detroit and Los Angeles. The illegal invasion of Vietnam was part of Johnson’s racist policies where young men from cities and rural towns were forced into the draft without any ways for deferments if they did not go to college. By 1967 students were no longer peaceful in our protests, and the Students for a Democratic Society led violent attacks against racist college administrators. Young African-American men and women were fed up with waiting for what Dr. King said was “not long” and organized as the Black Panthers, and they were not going to wait any longer for white men to end racist employment, housing and criminal injustice policies. Just as in 2016 nothing has changed since 1967, and what whites called race riots and what us revolutionaries called a revolution did not cure the cancer of racism in the United States. What is the worst part for me is today some of those rampant white male racists are my generation who were supposed to be the revolutionaries for change. Bernie was hiding out in Vermont during the Long Hot Summer. He had nothing to do with the revolution of my generation. Hillary spent the summer of 1967 in her parent’s vacation home in Illinois, and when she returned to Wellesley, she started working with Sen. Eugene McCarthy’s (D-Minn.) presidential campaign. My parents also supported Sen. McCarthy. While activists were demanding equality in New York City and Newark, N.J, my parents and I traveled through Mexico for two weeks. and then we spent another week visiting my father’s cousins in San Diego and Los Angeles, and ended our summer vacation in San Francisco, where I got to see the actual hippies first hand in Haight Ashbury. When we returned to New York, and I was in my junior year in racist New Rochelle High School. During 1968 the violent rebellion by my generation escalated on city streets and college campuses. Bernie was not part of that revolution at all, he missed it all in his shack in Stannard, Vt., where he shacked up with his girlfriend Susan Mott in 1968. That’s where he was living when an assassin killed Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on April 4, 1968, in Memphis, Tenn. Dr. King and other civil rights activists went to Memphis in solidarity with sanitation workers, who were on strike for safer working conditions and an end to racist hiring and pay policies. Bernie missed the revolutions across the United States after that cold blooded murder, where the media reported “race riots” in New York City, Baltimore, Chicago, Los Angeles, and I watched the television news showing cities in flames and blaming African-Americans. Bernie had no electricity or TV and missed that revolution. During the 2008 presidential campaign, Salon reporter, Edward McClelland wrote the article, “How 1968 changed Hillary.” While Bernie was doing nothing, Hillary was student body president of Wellesley in 1968. McClelland wrote, “Her Republican identity couldn’t withstand the era’s events, especially the Vietnam War. In the winter of 1968, Hillary spent weekends in New Hampshire working on the presidential campaign of Minnesota’s dovish Sen. Eugene McCarthy.” McClelland also wrote that after Dr, King was killed, Hillary marched with other students to “Boston’s Post Office Square, returning to campus wearing a black armband,” and she called for a two-day strike. The following week, she negotiated with the college administrators to begin hiring more African-American faculty and students. Since the New Rochelle School Board was forced by the U.S. Supreme Court to shut down the all-black schools and integrate the schools, I went to school with African-American students in junior high, and so when we went onto the high school, we were all hanging out, and were friends by then. Until we got to high school, that is, when once again we were separated in separate and unequal classes. The really smart Jewish students, later called geeks, would have none of this racism and when they demanded that the National Honor Society include African-American students. When the administration ignored them, we all took action. The Jewish students spread the word that after homeroom we would not go to class, but go to the school lobby and sit-in instead, chanting for equal rights. The racist administrators called the New Rochelle Police Department on us. Then the football team coach told the players to get eggs to throw at us, which they did, and then went outside and stripped the cops motorcycles. We protested every day for a week until finally the National Honor Society was opened for all students, including the African-American captain of the football team and our class president, who was in college prep classes, in the tract all the really smart kids were in, and he had straight A grade point average. Six weeks after Dr. King was assassinated Ronald Maurer burned down New Rochelle High School, because he was angry that his parents moved from the Bronx to New Rochelle. Some reports claim he was protesting the Vietnam War, but he was not torching the school for that reason at all. Maybe he was copy catting what he saw happening on the news in New York City colleges and high schools, because for months he set off fire alarms many times during the day, and set a few fires where we had to run outside in the snow and cold. May 17, he set the high school on fire. He lit the gasoline soaked rag in the wastebasket in the library, that burned the trail of gasoline from the library to the wooden elevator shaft, and the fire flew up the shaft to the second floor, where the gasoline soaked floor burned to the torches he set across the second floor. May 16, 1968 was the spring band concert, where I played the drums, an instrument I started playing when I was 10, and I was the first girl drummer in a school band in Westchester County. After the concert was over and we all went home, this angry kid stayed in the school. He had brought rags and gasoline which he hid somewhere. The school was under construction, since the school board funded a swimming pool and a planetarium. An elevator shaft was right next to the library, and this crazy kid soaked the rags in gasoline, put them in paper torches, and placed the torches near the elevator shaft, and on the second floor where the lockers and classrooms were. He lit a fire in a waste basket in the library and trailed a stream of gasoline to the elevator shaft. He waited until the school opened in the morning and he lit the fire. My father drove me to school that morning (I usually took the bus and I do not know why he gave me a ride). As we drove up, I saw gray smoke covering the sky, and I said something like, “oh no, not another fire.” Since we still did not see flames, my dad thought maybe this was just chimney smoke. I got out of the car, walked around the corner, and the entire peaked roof was in flames, and everyone was crying, including I was told later the guy who set the fire. We were already on split session because of the construction, so after a week off, the two junior highs were put on split session, and the juniors and seniors were sent to Albert Leonard Junior High, the school I started in 1963. That school was built with bricks and asbestos, so when Ronald set a fire there, too, he got caught. He was sent to Bellevue Psychiatric Hospital, and later killed a man, and later killed himself. June 5, Sirhan Sirhan shot Democratic presidential candidate, and Attorney General Robert Kennedy, and I watched that assassination on television, too. Bernie might have missed that murder, since he did not have a television or electricity, since he did not work. The New York Times reporter Jason Horowitz wrote in his article, article, “In Long Political Career, Sanders Relies on Son as a Constant Witness,” that, “Soon after, Mr. Sanders and Ms. Mott broke up, and she moved to Burlington. Mr. Sanders followed to be close to Levi, according to his brother, who, like several others, said the parents remained amicable partners, sharing custody.” Every reporter who wrote about Bernie’s hiding out in Vermont stories quote neighbors, friends and Liberty Union fellow travelers who all say that Bernie refused to get a real job to support his son, and often had no food, and when he was too broke to pay the electric bill his infant son lived in Vermont in the winter with no heat or lights. I wonder how many millennials would be okay with their parents doing that to them. Fortunately my father did support our family by successfully running his very profitable business. He did not think that money was evil or that people who owned profitable corporations were corrupt. He certainly did not think that the Jewish men who worked on Wall Street were evil or the cause of the global economic recessions. He knew better and taught me that there are many factors can cause economic changes and no one person or corporation or even politicians can be the sole cause of global economic trends. he also taught me that there are no simple answers to complicated problems and that Congress passing laws does not change racism or inequality. I learned more from my father and my grandfather than I learned in New Rochelle High School but I had to return there after the fire for one more year. When we returned to New Rochelle High School in September, we had to go to some classes in what they called “pre-fab buildings” otherwise known as trailers. Since girls were required to wear skirts or dresses and we were not allowed to wear pants, we protested, refusing to walk in the snow to classes in the trailers in the winter, and all of us girls started wearing jeans to school. The principal insisted that we had to go back to wearing dresses or skirts in the spring, but we refused. Bernie and Susan were living in that Vermont shack when their son Levi was born in March 1969. There are conflicting stories about what happened next. VT Diggers think Susan stayed in Stannard and Bernie moved to Burlington but they shared custody of Levi. Hillary completed her senior thesis on Saul Alinsky in 1969, graduated from Wellesley, and was accepted into Yale Law School, where she decided to go instead of accepting Alinsky’s job offer. I graduated from New Rochelle High School in June and started college in a small New Hampshire town in 1969. Hillary wrote about what happened on May 4, 1970, when the Ohio National Guard killed four students on the Kent State campus during the protest against President Richard Nixon further escalating that illegal invasion of Vietnam. Students, including Hillary and including me, and students in more than 300 colleges protested those cold-blooded murders, Since Hillary had already been scheduled to speak in a League of Women’s Voters meeting, she wore a black arm band to that conference where she was keynote speaker, and when she returned to the Yale Law School campus, she led a debate about what the students wanted to do. They ended up joining with the students in more than 300 colleges who protested that nasty racist war. I was one of those students who marched against that racist war, too. While Bernie hid out in Vermont, and I lived in New Hampshire, hundreds of us from our little college in Rindge, marched up the state highway to Keene College, rolling a large bell up the 20 miles of that steep hilly highway, that we rung more than 1,000 times in memory of the thousands of men killed in that racist illegal war. The Manchester Union Leader publisher told the Teamster Union truckers to run their 18-wheelers against us and knock us off the road. We jumped into many ditches on our way to the rally against that war and protest against the illegal murder of those students. Kent State Sociology Department professors remember who the National Guard shot, killed and wounded: Jeffrey Miller, who was shot in the mouth while standing in an access road leading into the Prentice Hall parking lot, a distance of approximately 270 feet from the Guard. Allison Krause was in the Prentice Hall parking lot; she was 330 feet from the Guardsmen and was shot in the left side of her body. William Schroeder was 390 feet from the Guard in the Prentice Hall parking lot when he was shot in the left side of his back. Sandra Scheuer was also about 390 feet from the Guard in the Prentice Hall parking lot when a bullet pierced the left front side of her neck. Nine Kent State students were wounded in the 13 second fusillade. Most of the students were in the Prentice Hall parking lot, but a few were on the Blanket Hill area. Joseph Lewis was the student closest to the Guard at a distance of about sixty feet; he was standing still with his middle finger extended when bullets struck him in the right abdomen and left lower leg. Thomas Grace was also approximately 60 feet from the Guardsmen and was wounded in the left ankle. John Cleary was over 100 feet from the Guardsmen when he was hit in the upper left chest. Alan Canfora was 225 feet from the Guard and was struck in the right wrist. Dean Kahler was the most seriously wounded of the nine students. He was struck in the small of his back from approximately 300 feet and was permanently paralyzed from the waist down. Douglas Wrentmore was wounded in the right knee from a distance of 330 feet. James Russell was struck in the right thigh and right forehead at a distance of 375 feet. Robert Stamps was almost 500 feet from the line of fire when he was wounded in the right buttock. Donald Mackenzie was the student the farthest from the Guardsmen at a distance of almost 750 feet when he was hit in the neck. That was in 1970, when Bernie still refused to work after his son was born. While Bernie bummed around in Vermont not working, Hillary was earning her degree in Yale Law School where she was one of 27 women competing 235 men, and she excelled again and continued working for the rights of all people. I was still going to the small college in Rindge, N.H. in 1970 and decided to major in Anthropology. Hillary worked for Sen. Walter Mondale (D-Minn.) in 1970, on his subcommittee on migrant workers, researching problems in housing, sanitation, health and education Hillary had already worked with migrant workers when she was a teenager, when she cared for the younger children of the workers. First Bernie used the racist excuse for his opposition claiming Mexicans took jobs away from Americans. Then he claimed that he was worried they were treated like slaves. Bernie had never gone to where the migrant workers lived but Hillary had, and she knew who migrant workers were. She met them and talked to these workers in 1970 and saw first-hand what terrible conditions they lived in, but she also knew that this was how they supported their families. Hillary did not pity these men and women who were working to support their families, or consider them helpless victims, as Bernie considers all working poor people. She knew their families on the farms where they worked and when she was a New York Senator she supported their right to work, while also supporting working to improve their working conditions for their families. I wonder if Bernie ever met anyone from Mexico, the country where he wants to build a trade wall and blames for all the economic problems in the United States, which is why he opposes NAFTA. I know who Mexicans are, since I lived in Mexico for two months when I was 16 in 1968. I traveled across Mexico with nine other high school students with the American Youth Hostels. We traveled to villages all over Mexico, and our group leader, Al, took us to visit the homes of many people from the Sierra Madre Mountains to the Yucatan Peninsula, to cities like Guadalajara and Mexico City, and small fishing villages. Al took us to the slums of Mexico City, where we saw people living in cardboard boxes in a shanty town. I have seen poverty in southern towns in the United States but nothing like this where people lived on muddy streets and the clothing on the children were in tatters and the children had no shoes. The other villages where Al took us were working class regions. The people we met took us into their homes; they taught us to cook traditional food. They welcomed us into their families. We played with their children. So when I hear what Bernie says about Mexicans (and what Donald Fuhrer Wannabe Trump says), I remember who I met in Mexico and they were not rapists or criminals and they were not the enemy of the United States. They were mothers and fathers, and sons and daughters, and abuelo and abuela, and sisters and brothers, and cousins, and friends and neighbors. That summer students in the University of Mexico were also demanding their rights, and there were riots on the campus, that by October ended in a massacre by the Mexican Army against the students. This was right before the Summer Olympics when two African-American athletes punched their BLACK POWER fists into the air protesting racism, and were stripped of their medals and kicked out. His son’s mother, Susan, got as far away from Bernie as she could in 1971 but he followed her to Burlington. His friends told reporters that in Burlington he could not pay the electric bill or buy food to feed his son. When Bernie refused to get a job to support his son in 1971, I was a student in the School for International Training, the Experiment in International Living in Italy. After I lived with a family in Verona, the class of nine other students and our teacher moved to Rome for six weeks. While we were there, the women’s rights revolution was happening on the streets of Rome every afternoon, where women in unions protested on the streets, taking on the police, demanding their right to equal pay for equal work. I was warned to not join the protest as American students were arrested if they did that so I just watched from the street as women my age, middle age and older carried signs and demanded their rights. While all this was going on, the second wave “feminist” Betty Friedan was traveling across Italy pushing her latest book. We went to a lecture she was giving for all the actual feminist women who worked in factories, and schools, and offices. Friedan is credited with allegedly starting the 1960s feminist revolution because she wrote the book “The Feminist Mystique” which devalues the work women have been doing for hundreds of years, and she expects all women to do the work that men do as that is the only valuable work, as far as the upper middle class Jewish middle-age woman decided was what everyone needed to do. Friedan did not have any notes for the woman who would translate what she said from English to Italian. She just ranted off the top of her head and when the translator could not keep up, she insulted her and said that translators in other cities had no problem. The more than 1,000 women in the meeting hall booed her. Then she told these working union women what they needed to do was get jobs. That they understood and booed louder, and I booed along with them. She almost started a riot when she told them the next pope should be a woman — La Papa. My teacher grabbed my hand and got me out of there before the Roman women stormed the stage. I realized then that the women’s revolution in the United States was not about real revolution at all, but only about women trying to be like men, instead of valuing who we are as women. I grew up watching women in television with shows named for these actresses including the Gale Storm Show, I Love Lucy, the Donna Reed Show the Shari Lewis Show, the Judy Garland Show, the Carol Burnett Show, and the Dinah Shore Show, so I knew women are working while Friedan claimed they were not. All of my elementary school teachers were women from 1956 to 1962, and most of my junior high and high school teachers were women from 1962 to 1969. My my socialist Jewish aunt taught music theory in Columbia University and traveled around the world as a concert pianist with the Montreal Women’s Symphony Orchestra started by Ethel Stark, the first woman to conduct in Carnegie Hall in New York City, with the first all women’s orchestra in Canada.. My father’s oldest brother’s wife and a Woman’s Strike for Peace activist was a registered nurse, and my socialist Jewish uncle’s wife was a social worker, Townhill Fabrics, Inc. administrative staff were all women, and I knew that Friedan’s feminism was a lie because women were working in honorable professions that should have been recognized not denigrated as less than since they were doing traditional women’s work which Friedan thought was not as good as the work men did. Hillary learned that when she was in Wellesley and she wrote about that in her book, that going to classes with all women and all teachers were women showed her that women’s rights have nothing to do with men but everything to do with our own self-worth because we are woman, and we can accomplish whatever we want to accomplish, without being compared to men at all. While Bernie keeps telling everyone how he is for women’s rights, his writings about women contradict that. When he was in college in Chicago, he thought he had the right to screw any woman he wanted in his dorm room, and wrote about that in his insult to Helen Gurley Brown’s book, “Sex and the Single Girl: The Unmarried Woman’s Guide to Men” written for working women in their mid-20s for how to find a man to marry, instead Bernie wrote an article for the college newspaper Maroon, “Sex and the Single Girl Part 2.” Mother Jones reporter Tim Murphy published Bernie’s guide to permission to date rape, “Read 21-Year-Old Bernie Sanders’ Manifesto on Sexual Freedom: The Democratic presidential candidate was exactly what you’d expect in college,” where Bernie demanded that the University of Chicago administrators let him bring girls to his dorm room so he could force them to let him fuck them. Bernie wrote that in 1963, before women were allowed to use birth control, a right that did not happen until 1965 when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Griswold v Connecticut that married women have a right to use contraception. The right for a woman to safely terminate her pregnancy was finally allowed in 1973, when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Roe v Wade. After Donald Trump told Chris Matthews in a townhall on MSNBC he thought that if abortions were illegal, any woman who had an abortion should be punished, Bernie told Rachel Maddow that abortion rights are a distraction and not serious, and then he attacked Hillary for calling him out on his hypocrisy. While Hillary was earning her Yale Law School degree and working for the Children’s Defense Fund in 1972, and I was earning my B.A. in Anthropology in Boston University, Bernie’s ex-girlfriend took their son and got away from that bum who refused to work to support Levi, and she moved to Burlington. That was when Bernie wrote “Man and Woman,” for the Vermont Freeman, confessing that he fantasized about raping women and calling women pigs. Michael Smerconish published the text of Bernie’s women bashing rant, and Murphy published the print version, in his Mother Jones’ article, “How Bernie Sanders Learned to Be a Real Politician: A portrait of the candidate as a young radical.” Some BernOuts think that Bernie was being satirical but the fact that he wrote this right after the mother of his son left him, tells me that this is about his anger about their breakup. While Bernie did write that he fantasized about raping women and thought women fantasized about being raped, his anger against women is what is most disturbing here, and tells me more about how he feels about women than anything. If the Bernie Bros are going to go after Hillary for what she did when she lived in her father’s home, when she was 17, then how about what Bernie wrote about what he thought about women, and the mother of his son, in 1972 when he was 31, and he wrote this: And Men. Men are in pain too. They are thinking, wondering. What is it they want from a woman? Are they at fault? Are they perpetrating this man-woman situation? Are they oppressors? The man is bitter. “You lied to me,” he said. (She did). “You said that you loved me, that you wanted me, that you needed me. Those are your words.” (They are). “But in reality,” he said, “If you ever loved me, or wanted me, or needed me (all of which I’m not certain was ever true), you also hated me. You hated me — just as you have hated every man in your entire life, but you didn’t have the guts to tell me that. You hated me before you ever saw me, even though I was not your father, or your teacher, or your sex friend when you were 13 years old, or your husband. You hated me not because of who I am, or what I was to you, but because I am a man. You did not deal with me as a person — as me. You lived a lie with me, used me and played games with me — and that’s a piggy thing to do.” Bernie thinks that women’s rights are about the right of men to call women who will not fuck him pigs, and obviously so do the men who insult any woman who is voting for the only Democrat on the Democratic Party ballot. A leopard cannot change his spots, and as Hillary tweeted, after Trump’s threat to punish women who wold terminate pregnancies if abortions are illegal, “Maya Angelou said: ‘When people show you who they are, believe them.’” While Hillary was referring to Trump, her tweet applies to Bernie, too. While I was living in the world, and Hillary was working and going to Yale Law School, Bernie was hiding out in Vermont, hanging out with losers who talked about a revolution and pretended to care about poor people while choosing to be poor by refusing to get jobs, and plotted a revolution in the middle of the middle of nowhere Vermont, while Hillary was in the trenches of the revolution, working with the actual revolutionaries, who were not trying to destroy the Democratic Party but take it over. Hillary wrote in thesis about Alinsky that she thought that the best way to change politics was from the inside, not just from the outside. Many civil rights, women’s rights and revolutionaries for peace did not run as Independents, they ran as Democrats, and became involved in changing Democratic Party from the inside, including Rep. Bobby Rush (D-Ill.) who was a Black Panther activist awas elected as a Democrat to represent his congressional district in Illinois in 1993. two years after Bernie divided and defeated the Democratic Party in Vermont in 1991 to start his establishment career politician House /of Representatives seat, Rep. Rush graduated from the University of Chicago with a master’s degree in political science degree in 1974, while Bernie was doing nothing in Vermont. Rep. Rush endorsed Hillary. Rep John Lewis (D-Ga.) who walked across the Edmund Pettus Bridge on Bloody Sunday and lived through a concussion when a racist Selma cop bashed his head in with a billy club, was elected to the House of Representatives in 1986. “He is Senior Chief Deputy Whip for the Democratic Party in leadership in the House. During the civil rights revolution while Bernie was hiding out in Vermont, while Rep. Lewis was arrested more than 4 times and attacked and injured while he continued to peacefully protest to end racism.” Rep. Lewis endorsed and campaigned for Hillary in South Carolina, and he said this: While the real revolutionaries were on the front lines of the bloody battle for racial justice, women’s rights and ending the illegal invasion of Vietnam, Bernie was doing nothing in 1971, refusing to get a job to support his 2-year-old son. When Bernie wrote his women are pigs rant in 1972, Hillary worked for Democratic presidential nominee George McGovern. While I was living in Italy, I applied to and was accepted in Boston University Anthropology Department, where I finished my bachelor’s degree. While Bernie was still doing nothing in 1973, I graduated with my B.A. from Boston University and Hillary graduated with her Yale Law School degree. Two weeks after I graduated from Boston University, my father died. While Bernie refused to get a job to support Levi in 1973, Hillary worked for the Children’s Defense Fund, Bernie was still doing nothing when I was earning my M.A. in Anthropology from The New School for Social Research in 1978, and Hillary, who campaigned for President Jimmy Carter, was appointed as his chairwoman for the Legal Services Corporation. After a decade of not working and trying to divide and destroy the Democratic Party by running as an Independent, finally conned 10 more voters to vote for him instead of the Democratic candidate for their mayor. Obviously the fact that he had not bothered to work from 1965 to 1981 did not seem to matter to them. Being mayor of a small town like Burlington is not a full-time job, but since Bernie did not like to actually work, he still did nothing to earn an actual living. By the time Bernie got that Burlington mayor gig, I had already worked for ACORN from 1979 first in Arkansas, then in Memphis, Tn. and then in New Orleans, La. to 1981. While Hillary campaigned for Democratic presidential candidate and former Georgia Gov. Jimmy Carter and Vice Presidential nominee Sen. Walter Mondale in 1976, I started my graduate degree in Anthropology in the New School for Social Research, while Bernie was still doing nothing in Vermont. After I graduated with my degree, Bernie was still not working, and he was still living poor in 1978, when I went to worked for ACORN and Hillary worked for President Carter again, on his Legal Services Corp. When I worked for ACORN in 1980, nothing had changed in the south. I lived in Stuttgart, Ark., the “Rice and Duck Capital of the world” in Arkansas County, where there were still COLORED ONLY signs on the doors in Dewitt, and black and white night in the Stuttgart skating rink. I was told that Jews were kicked out of Dewitt in the 1960s during the “brown days”, so I hid my Chai pendant, and did not tell anyone I was Jewish. I worked with civil rights activists who had marched in Little Rock to demand the end of segregation in Central High School in 1957, when I was also going to a segregated elementary school in New Rochelle, N.Y. During the presidential election, Dixiecrat KKK ran the Arkansas County Democratic Party. Bill Clinton was in his first term as governor. The state Democratic Party rules required that all delegates on the ballot were either seated as full delegates if they received the majority of votes, or were automatically alternate delegates. African-American ACORN members in Arkansas County ran as delegates for Democratic Party candidates Edward Kennedy and Jimmy Carter. Since they did not get the majority of votes as delegates, the party rules required that they automatically became alternates. The Arkansas County Democrats ran the rules their way, which was the wives, girlfriends and mistresses were alternates, even though they were not on the ballot. When we went to the Arkansas County convention, and were told that the all white Dixiecrats made their own rules, we protested. We went with about 50 ACORN members from across Arkansas to Gov. Clinton’s office demanding that he force the Arkansas County delegation to follow the Arkansas Democratic Party rules. Gov. Clinton refused. He knew that the KKK ran the Dixiecrat Democratic Party in Arkansas, and I believe he was afraid of them, since when I was living there the police in mostly rural Arkansas were the KKK. They were known to kill people and get away with those murders. ACORN members protested at the Arkansas County Democratic leaders’ homes and businesses, demanding that they follow the rules. When about 200 ACORN members went to the party vice president’s home, he met us at the door with a shotgun in his hand. We left when the Dewitt Police Department showed up. We challenged the Arkansas County Democrats before the Arkansas Democratic Party presidential convention, and we won. The ACORN members were seated as alternates, and the wives, mistresses and girlfriends were unseated. After we walked out of the hearing room, the Arkansas County Democratic Party chairman, and publisher of the Stuttgart newspaper, and known KKK grand dragon, grabbed my arm, put his face close to mine, and growled in my ear, “If you return to Stuttgart, you will not leave alive.” ACORN activists suggested that I not take the risk of what the DixiKKKrats could do, since a few months before there were reports of police/KKK hunting down African-Americans and killing them in cold blood. I transferred to another office. Gov. Clinton lost the next election and blamed ACORN members who were very well organized politically across Arkansas, and those Dixiecrats ended up being the Reagan Democrats. This was in 1980, the year when Bernie was still hiding out in Vermont and still not working. He only started working when he conned Burlington Democrats into electing him as their mayor in 1981. Then in 1990 he figured out the best con yet, run for the U.S. House of Representatives, and begin his 26-year Establishment Political Career, and continued getting paid by Vermont taxpayers for doing little to nothing. He then pulled the best con job of all, he divided the Democratic Party again, and taxpayers decided to pay him more than $100,000 a year to be their do-nothing congressman first in the House of Representatives and then in the Senate. Now he invests that taxpayer paid for politician welfare check in Goldman Sachs, banks, private prisons, fracking, nuclear power plants, fossil fuel, health insurance companies, Big Pharma multinational corporations, while claiming he wants to shut all those companies down. Since his wife does their taxes, she better explain to him that they will go broke if he shuts down the companies that make money for him in their annuities. She better tell him to watch out since he will get BernedOut. To make sure he did not lose the deer killers votes, he decided that sensible gun control was not politically beneficial to him, since killing deer is more important than protecting the lives of children in schools and cities. Until he decided to con the Democratic Party into letting him on the presidential ballots, he did not even try to get most of his allegedly revolutionary laws passed or even get cosponsors, and most of the ideas he claims he has to revolutionize the United States have either no cosponsors or a few, and the few cosponsors in the U.S. Senate endorse the only Democrat on the Democratic Party ballots. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) Bid Health Care to the Lowest Bidder aka American Health Security Act of 2013, no cosponsors. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt) Shut down all the banks, no cosponsors. Bernie invests in all the banks he wants to shut down. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.). Force state legislators to pass budgets to make all state colleges free, no cosponsor for this unconstitutional law that would turn state colleges into federal colleges, and end tenured teachers, and let medical schools hire per diem teachers without requiring research or quality education. Violate the free market rights of private colleges to charge tuition for to pay their teachers and house and feed students. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) Every body must get stoned on pot, no cosponsors. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) His minimum wage idea only has five cosponsors and four of those senators endorsed Hillary Clinton. Sanders only came up with this when he announced his fraudulent candidacy for the Democratic Party presidential nomination. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) While Bernie earns money in his VALIC annuity from nuclear energy companies, he wants toshut them all down, but only two other senators agree with him, and they endorsed Hillary. Bernie has no cosponsors in the U.S. Senate for what he calls his revolutionary ideas but he missed the real revolution in the 1960s, the civil rights, anti-war, women’s rights and LGBTQ rights since he hid away in Vermont. The myth about him is that he protested racism in Chicago, but that only happened twice, then he flunked out, got back in, finished college, ran to Europe and Israel with his first wife, returned to the United States when actual civil rights activists were risking their lives to end racist inequality, and he hid out in an off-the-grid shack in Vermont. While I was active in those revolutions and Hillary continues to be active in the actual progressive revolution — the most progressive revolution of all — the FIRST WOMAN PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA — Bernie continues to try to destroy the Democratic Party because he does not want the most qualified woman in the country to be president of the United States. Hillary won the 2008 presidential primary in New York, and I wonder if Bernie thinks that the 1,068,496 registered Democrats in New York are not qualified to vote in this year’s primary because we supported Hillary even after her Iraq vote. Do we all have poor judgment, too, Slanders? How about the judgment of the 9,350,572 Democrats who voted for Hillary in primaries and caucuses as of April 11, are they not qualified to vote because Bernie thinks he gets decide what good judgment is? Or maybe he thinks that only the 6,946,913 mostly NOT Democrats politically ignorant under 30s (who have not been involved in politics before 2016) have the correct judgment by Bernie’s standard to be qualified to vote because they did not have to register as a Democrat before they got to the polls to vote for the only NOT A REGISTERED DEMOCRAT on the Democratic Party ballot, by following the conning the Democrats directions Bernie put on his campaign page. It is time for Bernie to #FeelTheFuckedUpBernOut, tell his BernOuts the truth about the 1960s revolution and who the racists were, and the truth about himself- he missed the 1960s revolution and he is a divider and a destroyer not a progressive and certainly not a socialist. There is only one Registered Democrat on the Democratic Party ballots for president and that person is the original revolutionary — Hillary Rodham Clinton — and she has stood up to and taken on the white male penis politics pricks her entire life, just as I have. It is time for the white males running the Democratic Party to step away from that glass ceiling because when those shards of glass finally break they better watch out or they will be cut. Posted in Agitate Politicians, Educate History, Educate Politics, FeelTheFuckingBernOut, Organize Progressives Tagged 1960, Bernie Sanders, Democratic Party, FeelTheBernOut, Hillary 2016, Hillary Clinton, revolution permalink