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This website doesn’t have an environmental category. The issues of environmental degradation have nothing to do with “climate movement.”

By using this phrase as the only environmental category of articles on this website, we see that the articles on this site are funneled into the “climate movement” propaganda. In fact climate always changes, and in fact other planets are warming also, so the idea that CO2 is heating earth is fictitious and part of UN Sustainability 2030 design to control the world for this “common cause.” The writer willingly buys into this nonsense by using words “climate movement” repeatedly, instead of calling it something globalists hate… A sovereignty movement.

The writer also brings in the gender blurring agenda, which is also promoted by same shadow globalists. Native tribes didn’t “celebrate” blurred gender, they recognized there were exceptions.

The protection of the Earth is not restricted to “sacred sites”, it is rooted in seeing that the Earth which sustains life is sacred because life is sacred. Protecting life is not the “climate movement”, it is protecting what is ours, our sovereignty.

Here is article on the global warming hoax.

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