Things to Consider While Choosing a Residential Architect

Choosing the right architect is very essential while building a new home or adding to an existing home. They can improve the appearance, functionality, and sustainability of your property. The architect should not only be aware of the rules and regulations of the local authorities regarding the building standards but also be capable enough to turn your dreams into a physical reality.

Before finding residential architects in Bangalore, it is important for you to be sure about your requirements. Do you want small or big rooms? What is your preferred style — traditional or modern? Do you need multi-functional rooms that you can use as a study?

Meet at least two to three architects before finalizing any one and ask few questions from them to understand how they will approach your project. Discuss with them about your requirements and style preferences. Also, tell them what your budget is. You need to maintain a positive relationship with your architect to ensure consistency of communications. Let them come up with a proposed design based on your requirements and then evaluate them. Ask them about their charges, and when and how the payments will be due. Once you decide which architect to go ahead with, sign a contract first, agreeing on the terms of payment in return for the services the architect is going to provide.

Here are a few factors that you should consider when choosing residential architects in Bangalore to design your dream home.

1. Willingness to listen you — The architect should be open to ideas and listen to your requirements. He should have the ability to create a design according to your requirements.

2. Ability to work in a team — Building a home is not a one man’s work. It requires a team that comprises of the owner, architect, builder, and interior designer. Choose an architect who has the ability to work in a team and cooperates with others.

3. Versatility — An architect who is familiar with a number of architectural styles would be able to tailor the design according to your preferences and come up with creative design solutions. So, check how versatile the architect is before hiring him for designing your home.

4. Three Dimensional Drawings — Make sure the architect you select provides a three-dimensional plan so that you can view it from multiple angles and get an idea of how the design will look upon completion.

5. Ability to manage budgets — It is easier to find an architect who can create a great custom design but finding the one who can manage the project within your budget can be challenging. A good architect should be able to keep your budget on track.

6. Reputation — It is important to check out the history and the previous works of the architect. Ask your architect to provide some references of his clients and take feedback from them. Try to find out if he gets any repeat business or not and how much professionalism and design excellence he possesses.

Summary: Selecting an architect who can match up his design to your taste and lifestyle can be quite challenging. This article looks at some of the factors that you should consider when choosing the right architect for building your home.

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