And other useful tips for how to effectively manage a live audience. Featuring Steve Shenbaum

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Steve on stage at a local TedX event in Sarasota

I recently watched Steve Shenbaum give an hour long presentation about leadership and business dynamics at the HuB in Sarasota Florida.

Steve is the Founder and CEO of game on, a consulting firm that specializes in leadership, team building, and media training.

Steve is also a master at using game mechanics to teach team unity, cohesion, and open communication.

They work with brands like Gatorade, NASCAR, the NBA, the NFL Players Association, a number of Fortune 500 corporations, and the who’s who of major universities. …

And why your sales process probably sucks!

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I used to work as a sales trainer and the first thing I would tell my new trainees was that they would actually have to make two sales for every one item they wanted to sell.

I explained that before they would get a chance to deliver an effective sales pitch, they would first have to sell the prospect on why they should listen.

So many sales people skip over the essential first step of building that relationship, and jump blindly into the sales pitch itself.

I see this all the time at networking events when people come up and just hand you a business card and jump into their elevator pitch without even asking for your name or engaging you in any preliminary conversation. …

A spoken word poem about the current state of our nation.

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Poem Text

I wanted to say a couple words about the current state of our nation.
It’s like every time I turn around, another level of frustration.

Inadequacy seems to be, the new definition of the word succeed.
From the economy to education, political correctness, the justification.

Republicans and democrats, Always fighting to get it right.
Because politicians want us to see, that they are smarter than you and me.

You and I? We’re supposed to be dumb.
Here, have some entertainment, now doesn’t that look fun! …

Read the article below, or watch the video to have me read it to you.

I have a confession to make.

I’m not that great a writer, I have no secrets for how to trick the search engines into displaying my content higher in their search rankings, and I’m a mediocre online marketer at best.

What I am however, is a damn good story teller, ridiculously obsessive, and stubborn as fuck.

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If I had to use three words to sum up my personality they would be, curious, creative, and controversial.

I also strive for perfection and can be a royal pain in the ass. …

Ten years ago, if I had told you that the Woman of the Year was going to be a man, that America’s favorite dad was a repeat rapist, and that Donald Trump would be the frontrunner for president, you might have called me crazy! But here we are, and this is the world we live in.

Heck, right in my own back yard, the Republican Party of Sarasota invented a new award (Statesman of the Year) just so that they could give it to Trump twice in less than three years. Something I never really understood until I read this article, and learned that the Chairman of the Florida State, and Sarasota County Republican Party, has gone all-in on the Trump for President bandwagon. …

A place to talk about chasing dreams, falling down, and getting back up.

What is the first thing you think about when I say “ Unhireable”?

I used to think I was unhireable because I couldn’t find the right job. I never realized that it was just the worlds way of telling me I was supposed to go out and create that job myself.

But I didn’t just want to go create one job, I wanted to find a way to help others to do the same thing. So I’ve teamed up with Clear Idea Labs, and we’re building software designed to empower creative entrepreneurs.

We’ll start small with a weekly video podcast, and roll out the master vision over the next few months. …

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The 5 steps to a perfect sale, and how to bake them into your next digital product.

A few months ago, I pitched the guys over at Digital Telepathy an article promising to blend my practical knowledge of sales with my recent experience designing, building and selling successful digital products. It was a big promise and took a while to deliver, but the result was a matter-of-fact article that explains the 5 steps to every sale and shows you how to bake them into your next digital product.

It’s like a cheat sheet for designing, marketing and selling kick-ass digital products! #You’reWelcome

Read the full article here

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Article excerpt:

I’ve spent the last 10 years of my life learning how to manipulate people. Some might call what I do sales and marketing, but let’s be real: I’ve set out each day, for most of the last decade, with the intention of meeting new people and convincing them that I had a product they wanted to buy. Whether they needed what I was selling or not, it was my job to convince them they did. And I was really good at it. …

Understanding information as a currency.

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I recently gave a talk at WordCamp Tampa about The Future of Sales. I wanted to help people understand information as a currency, as well show the audience how to leverage their website as a 21st century sales tool.

Throughout the talk I discuss the current state of sales, explore the development of social selling, and introduce some forward thinking concepts about how information is being positioned as the ultimate currency. One which will power all future growth and development.

This was my first time speaking at a WordCamp and I stuttered a bit in the first few seconds of the presentation, but I found my groove after a few seconds and things ran smoothly after that. …

The Truth About Picasso’s Famous Quote.

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“Good artists borrow, great artists steal.”

Pablo Picasso said that… or did he?

Supposedly this is a Picasso quote, but this article claims otherwise, and gives us an interesting perspective on what that quote actually means.

As an artist, I have heard this quote many times over the years. I have also heard people discussing its true definition, often with the wrong connotations.

Many people take it as permission to plagiarize or directly steal someones work, but that’s taking the quote completely out of context from the creative mind. In reality, what the quote is intended to portray, is that a great artist steals inspiration, not the work itself. A great artists will see something of beauty, and then understand how to make it more beautiful by adding a piece of themselves to it. …

When I was 19, a boy drowned at the pool where I worked. I was the first responder. This is the story of that day as I remember it.

Dedicated to Murphy Shurig. Aug 4, 2002

“I looked over in time to see them setting him up on the edge and let him go. Just in time to watch his pale body fall lifeless to the deck.”

This post is part of my 30 day creative writing challenge. Click here to learn more about the challenge or explore the other posts in this series.

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“Lifeguard, lifeguard!”

The screams were coming from a group of boys who moments ago were playing and throwing a ball back and forth. …


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