Essay writing services to stay away from

Essay help writing services are extremely helpful for students. They are created to help a student handle hard assignments, manage the time more effective what is more important, they help a student to manage the stress related to their assignments. The interest in such services is growing in popularity nowadays. Students from all over the world are trying to find professional essay writing service. Due to this fact, the number of services offering such services is also growing fast. On the other hand, not all such services are reliable. For this reason we prepared for you some characteristics of unreliable essay writing services hope this information will be useful for you.

Poor Reviews and Low Ratings

If on a website of a company you notice bad reviews from previous customers, you should never start working with that company. Customer testimonials is the first thing you should check before hiring the company. Previous customers express the experience of cooperation with this company and their opinion is the best way to check the quality of the provided services. Thus, you can understand what to expect from this essay writing service. If the reviews you found on their page are negative, most likely means the services they provide are of the low quality.


The professional writing company never provide clients with plagiarized papers that is why the first thing you should pay attention to while reading the reviews is if anyone has ever complained about plagiarized works. The company that provides plagiarized content cannot be trusted. Not only will it bring you troubles with our teacher but also will make you lose your money.

Poor Customer Support

The quality of customer support is the reflection of the quality of the services the company provides. Professional essay writing services offer 24/7 custom support to all clients and they respond to each customer questions really fast. If after you contacted the writing provider you did not get a response within 20 minutes, you should not work with such company.

Delivery Delays

You cannot trust and start cooperation with a writing service that has complaints for missing deadlines. You need to be sure that the service you hire will provide your paper to you on time. Not getting your paper in time can make you have a lot of problems with the teacher and your exams.

Inexperienced Writers

If the writer whom you hired for writing your paper asks you a lot of questions like ‘what must be the structure of this” and “how should I write smth”, should not work with such company. A professional writing company works with proficient writers who have years of experience essay writing know every single thing about it. The writer should to be the one who teaches you how to write the paper and not the opposite.

Affiliate Programs

You should be aware that there are numerous websites that use software which allow take your money without facing any risks. That is why you should you should check very carefully the company before starting cooperation. There are plenty of fraudulent essay writing services online. We can assure you that our company is the one you can trust to. We are on the market for many years and you can read testimonials from students who used our services which proves that our services are of the highest quality.