The one thing you need to be a successful indie author.
Shaunta Grimes

As a writer I often read posts about writing and selling books once they have been produced and so I read this one as I have many others. I particularly read posts about self-publishing, simply because, I often self-publish myself these days. My experiences of publishing and those of Shaunta diverge dramatically in the end. This is not because she is incorrect but rather simply because she has followed a different path from me.

I would suggest many things differently, things that have worked for me over the years but there is no real need to. Shaunta gives good advice and to be honest all that you really have to do is write a good book. A bad book, with the best cover, blurb and highlights will still be a bad book. A good book with a bad cover and blurb will still, eventually, be read and if it is good then people will tell others of it and momentum will grow.

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