How to Make Me Read Your Novel
Zach J. Payne

HFMA de VoltaireoltaireHi Zack. I understand your point of view and even agree with you. But let’s just have a look at literature. Dan Brown does all you admire and figure that you need to do. Herman Hesse does not, in fact he seems to wish to annoy his reader. J.K Rowling ensnares her young readers in a web of (plain without pain) magic whilst ignoring all the complexities of life. FMA De Voltaire, tells the truth with a ruthless pragmatism that supersedes the lives of the innocent, making them seem meaningless. Issac Asimov tells of unknown galaxies, modernization and the worthiness of a life well lived whilst Hunter S Thomson tells of the joy of extravagance, mindlessness, excess and the joy of a life “wasted”

I would say that each of these authors coming from a a myriad of different viewpoints are all valid. There is no Ideal or idea which will catch the public, there is simply a good book. Sometimes the readers will like it , sometimes they will hate it, sometimes they will take it to their hearts, cherish it and make it a classic.

Which books those will be is anyone's guess. Imagine a four chapter book about a seagull that has sold twelve million copies.

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