Ah, well, we are in the same space.
Linda Caroll

I am again agreeing, with only a modicum of disagreement this time. Lol- how can I disagree with anyone that bums up my writing? but should we not be searching for those that can create vision with their words? I read a great deal, two or three books a week (an insomniac) and what else is there to do in the “wee” hours other than read and imagine. Many of the books I enjoy have no literary verve but carry a great story and there is a great deal to be said for a “no frills” tale, when the story is enjoyable (I do not disagree with you) and will sweep you along, happily, In it’s warp and weft. I like to think, however, that there is still a place, despite current thoughts, for clowns, harlequins, performers, poets and purveyors of the mighty word. We disciples of literature may be growing fewer in number but are living longer and the written word may still have another pronouncement.

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